Season 2 of Stranger Things is fast-approaching, and fans can look forward to the end of the very long hiatus. We'll get to check back in with the Hawkins crew next week, and the footage released so far in trailers has revealed that we're in for some big answers and even bigger questions about what exactly is going on. We can be confident that Season 2 will give us some answers on what happened to Will, what's up with Eleven, and what kind of deal Hopper made with the folks at Hawkins Lab, but there are some questions that probably shouldn't be addressed in Season 2 or any subsequent seasons. Read on for our picks of Stranger Things questions we hope don't get answered!

How Will Used The Lights

For the first few episodes of Stranger Things Season 1, Joyce could only communicate with Will in the Upside Down via the blinking lights in the Byers home. The resourceful Joyce strung the whole house with Christmas lights and even painted the alphabet on the wall so Will could spell out messages. We just don't know how exactly Will was sending messages through the lights on his end.

When Joyce and Hopper were in the Upside Down Byers house, Jonathan could see lights twinkling where they walked, but it was never explained how Will was able to specifically and deliberately answer his mom. While it would have been nice to get an answer to this back in Season 1, the question probably isn't going to be relevant now that the story has moved on, and we can just chalk it up to an intriguing mystery of Will in the Upside Down.

Who Eleven's Biological Father Is

Eleven spent Season 1 referring to the immensely creepy Dr. Brenner as "Papa," but it was clear that theirs was no loving parent/child relationship. The show never gave a definitive answer about whether he was actually her father or if he simply stole her from her mom and conditioned her to think of him as a caregiver. Season 1 established that Eleven's biological mother is Terry Ives; the question of her biological father remains unanswered.

All things considered, it's also a question that doesn't really matter. Eleven was raised by Brenner and there's no connection to any different potential father. Stranger Things is all about the moms for these kids anyway. Joyce was a force to be reckoned with, and Karen Wheeler was strong (if somewhat oblivious) in her own way. Terry is the parent that matters in Eleven's story, not the biological father.

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