One Police Station Has A Cruel Stranger Things Punishment For People Who End Up In Jail

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This story doesn't have any Stranger Things spoilers in it, but it's a story about Stranger Things spoilers. How does that make sense, you ask? Well, it's all because the East Lansing Police Department put out a most threatening message to any potential criminals out there, saying that they'd done some recent redecorating inside the jail that wouldn't be wonderful for anyone who hadn't yet streamed all of Stranger Things Season 2. Check it out.

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Day-umm, East Lansing Police Department! Anyone looking to cause any trouble up there should know two things. 1. Crime is wrong for both Netflix subscribers and non-Netflix subscribers, and that shouldn't be anyone's go-to choice when anywhere in this country. 2. Time spent breaking the law could easily be spent binge-watching shows on Netflix, such as Stranger Things. If, after hearing both of these things, someone still tries to start some shit in East Lansing, they're heading straight for the Upside Down....Or, at least the Upside-Down-related spoiler posted on the wall.

So what if there's some young tough out there who watches the first few episodes of Stranger Things and gets inspired to become more like Billy, but doesn't stay home to finish the rest of the season before going out and raising hell? That person is going to be SO SORE at those policemen for posting spoilers on the walls. Not likely for anything else surrounding the arrest, but definitely for the spoilers.

One hopes that the criminal court system in that area doesn't decide to keep the Stranger Things love going to the point where judges would start sentencing criminals to go off into the care of Dr. Brennan, wherever he may be, or to the closest Hawkins Power & Light lab. If we see any judges will really long fingers and faces that look like evil flowers, we'll know something is up. I'll probably be running away and unable to pass the message on to anyone, but just throw some Christmas lights on the wall and someone will be sure to chime in.

Granted, it's not the likeliest of scenarios that East Lansing PD actually did put Stranger Things spoilers up on the walls, and that they were just having some fun on social media. But it's a fun idea, and if anyone happened to spend any time there recently, be sure to let us know if that was legit, as well as what they posted.

Stranger Things is currently available to stream in its two-season entirety right now on Netflix. For anyone that was indeed looking for Stranger Things answers and factoids, we learned from the creators about the big character they'd originally planned to kill, the ultimate fate of Dart, and how they feel about spinoff ideas. And if you're wanting to know more shows coming to Netflix and beyond in the near future, head to our Netflix premiere schedule and our fall TV premiere schedule.

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