The Fun Stranger Things Prop Millie Bobby Brown Kept After The First Season

Eleven in the cabin with Hopper

Spoilers ahead for Season 2 of Stranger Things.

It's been a week and a half since the second season of Stranger Things was finally released, and fans are still reeling from The Duffer Brothers' latest creation. Stranger Things 2 helped to expand the world of the property, introducing a terrifying new villain and a handful of new Hawkins residents. But the cast didn't necessarily know how big the show would get during production of Season 1, and it turns out that Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven took some souvenirs after wrapping up the first season. And she happen to take two very Eleven-ish items. Spoiler: it's not Eggos.

My blood, that I put in my nose. And then some leftover tattoos.

In true Millie Bobby Brown fashion, she only swiped some items that Netflix and The Duffer Brothers wouldn't need to keep. After all, there is plenty of flake blood and Eleven tattoos used in every episode of the sci-fi period piece. That being said, those two items are ones that she uses very intimately as Eleven.

Millie Bobby Brown's comments to Variety revealed that the young actress swiped some of Eleven's signature blood from the set. The blood in question comes from the character's nose when she uses her telekinetic and psychic powers, and is one of the strongest visual motifs in the series. Because she's known to use her powers in moments of rage, the trickle of blood slowly leaving Eleven's nose is often the punctuation after explosive moments in Stranger Things' run.

The young actress no doubt has her own relationship with the blood, especially after filming the explosive second season. Stranger Things 2 saw Eleven gain a better grasp over her powers, especially in the capsule episode she had in Chicago. And more powers means more nosebleeds for the fan favorite character, and Millie Bobby Brown.

The second item Millie Bobby Brown swiped from the Stranger Things set was Eleven's signature tattoo. Stranger Things 2 revealed the character's true name, but she'd been raised as just a number her whole life, with a tattoo to match. We eventually met one of her "sisters" Kali, formerly known as Eight. Their matching tattoos are what bond the powerful young women, and it's another signature aspect of Millie Bobby Brown's characterization. So once again, she picked the right prop to take home from set.

Unfortunately, now comes the time where Stranger Things fans wait a year or so until a new set of episodes is released. Luckily for those hardcore fans, Netflix has also released a companion after show titled Beyond Stranger Things. Additionally, 2019 Millie Bobby Brown will appear in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

Stranger Things 2 is currently streaming its its entirety of Netflix. Check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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