Did Star Trek: Discovery Just Spoil Part Of Its Midseason Finale?

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There are many secrets to be revealed yet on Star Trek: Discovery, but it looks like some of the unknowns about the show's midseason finale might have been exposed. An official synopsis for Episode 10, "Despite Yourself," was just released even though it doesn't air until January 7, 2018. And, it sounds as though CBS All Access has managed to give away an important detail while still keeping things appropriately vague. Take a look:

While in unfamiliar territory, the U.S.S. Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

As I said, the episode description is vague, but still manages to give away a key bit of information that fans weren't privy to as of the end of Episode 8, which aired this past Sunday. Apparently, by the time Star Trek: Discovery starts up again after its winter hiatus, the crew will be struggling to get home from "unfamiliar territory."

As a refresher, Episode 8 ended with the Discovery and her crew outside of the planet Pahvo. After dealing with a desperate-to-finally-feel-safe Saru, he, Tyler and Burnham were transported back to the ship, where they were told that their efforts to use a crystal structure on the planet to detect Klingon vessels under cloaking technology had been co-opted. It turned out that the Pahvans decided to force the hands of Starfleet and the Klingons by turning the crystal into a beacon that called the Klingons to their location, in an effort to get the two sides to talk it out. (Oh, you, blissfully naive Pahvans.) By the time the episode was over, Kol's ship had appeared, and Discovery was sticking around, since Captain Lorca and his crew realized that they were the only defense that the Pahvans would have against the Klingon forces.

So, in other words, at this point we didn't realize that the Discovery would need to do any serious maneuvering to get back to familiar territory. What's going to happen in the midseason finale that will lead them away from Pahvo and, possibly, away from familiar space? In my mind, they're going to get into a tough jam with Kol's forces, realize they need to get outta there, jump using the spore drive and Stamets and...end up in the Mirror Universe. I mean, what could be more unfamiliar than that at this point?

Of course, right now a big question is why CBS All Access would release not just the title of Episode 10, but a synopsis that lets us in on this key detail of the midseason finale? My only real thought on that point is, on a show where secrets are key, it's possible that so much shocking stuff will happen in the midseason finale that it actually doesn't matter whether we know ahead of time that the Discovery won't be in familiar space by the end of the episode. Now, consider what major surprises might be in store for this Sunday and let your mind be blown.

Star Trek: Discovery airs its midseason finale Sunday at 7:30 CST on CBS All Access, and the show will return from hiatus on January 7.

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