Grey's Anatomy's Big Callbacks And References From The 300th Episode

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for tonight's 300th episode of Grey's Anatomy. Stop reading now if you haven't watched yet and don't want all these fabulous Easter eggs to turn rotten!

Tonight, Grey's Anatomy hit a milestone that not many TV shows do. Tonight's landmark episode featured a disaster at a county fair that inundated Grey Sloan with patients that just happened to remind the doctors of many of their fallen (or, simply absent) colleagues. The show was packed to the rafters with references to practically everything and everyone that's been important to Grey's Anatomy and those who love it over the years, as the series celebrated 300 episodes with a trip down memory lane that any longtime fan should enjoy, and we've got all the Easter eggs and nods to the past for you that the hour had to offer!

Young Folks

The episode started with the whistle-filled Peter, Bjorn, and John song, "Young Folks," that was first heard in Episode 6 of Season 3.

The ferry

Meredith took a ride on a ferry boat, which, of course, her late husband Derek used to love.

New interns

A new class of hospital interns is shown hanging out in the same tunnel that the original Fab Five always called their home away from home, with a nameless intern even tripping when they get a page, just like George did in the show's pilot. And, as the group runs across the catwalk, they are told to slow down by Meredith and Alex, which is what they were told in the pilot. Later, when one of them goes to Dr. Shepherd to mention that a patient's family is there, it's a line that's been taken directly from the pilot.


Oh, the catchphrases! Not only do three of the county fair accident patients look suspiciously like George, Cristina and Izzie, but the latter look-alike even exclaims that common early season catchphrase at one point. It turns out that all three are second-year residents at Seattle Presbyterian. When Alex shows Jo the Izzie doppelgänger, Jo also says "seriously."

The paramedics

The paramedics who bring in patients from the accident have each appeared many times on the show, with Nicole showing up 34 times over the years and Ray appearing 15 times.

Cosy in the Rocket

The first scene of the 300th episode ended with Grey's Anatomy's original theme song, which was "Cosy in the Rocket," by electronica band Psapp.

Head CT, stat!

Amelia's brother Derek died because he was never given a head CT, and when she determines that a patient needs one, she continues to push for it. It finally gets done during surgery, and her instincts about the patient's condition are proven right.

Stuck on a pole

The Season 2 episode "Into You Like a Train" featured patients who were stuck together on a pole which couldn't be removed from one person without it injuring another even worse. That was basically the same situation with tonight's look-alike George and Cristina.


This episode also featured the song "They" by Jem, which was a part of the pilot.


Tonight's George look-alike is surprised to find out that our George died a hero, getting hit by a bus while saving a woman. As Webber works on him, he notes that it will be "nice to save this O'Malley."


Meanwhile, the Izzie look-alike requests that Alex stay with her, which is similar to the situation with he and Rebecca following the ferry crash. Fake Izzie passed out and Alex carried her just like he did the real Izzie after Denny died. When she's about to go into surgery she brings up silver linings, just like our Izzie always did.


This look-alike referred to Meredith and Jackson as surgeon royalty, which is what the rest of the Fab Five called Meredith's mom in the pilot.

On-call hookup

It turns out that DeLuca has a past with one of the new interns, and they, of course, proceed to get down to some sexytimes in an on-call room.

Harper Avery

Meredith mentions that Cristina would know how badly she'd want to win a Harper Avery Award. She couldn't make it to the ceremony, so Webber and Bailey set up a video feed so Meredith could find out she won. When she looks up into the OR gallery while watching the feed she sees her late mother there. In Jackson's speech, he mentions Ellis, Derek and Lexie.

Mark and Callie

After being asked about Sophia's dad, Arizona says he's dead and then does a scarily accurate impression of him. When she and Sophia get home, Sophia says she misses Callie and Arizona gives her three different flavors of ice cream, something Mark had mentioned doing. A photo of Callie, Arizona and Mark is then shown on the wall.


Maggie says Zola's intelligence must come from her mom, and Zola answers that it comes from Derek, too and she misses him. Awww!

Keep Breathing

Another song from Grey's history, "Keep Breathing" by Ingrid Michaelson, plays during a big round robin of surgical scenes.

Alex's vision of Izzie

Alex admits he hasn't talked to Izzie in years, but that he imagines she lives someplace woodsy, is married with children with a house that smells like muffins and is happy. He says he doesn't want that vision to be broken, so he hasn't, and likely won't, call her.

Portions for Foxes

The first song from the pilot episode, "Portions for Foxes" by Rilo Kiley, is one of the final songs of the episode.

The tunnel

When Alex and Meredith return to the tunnel, Meredith gets a call from Cristina.

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