Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Sara Ramirez Just Found Her Next Big TV Show, Check Out The First Look

Sara Ramirez made a name on the small screen thanks to her role as Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy, but she left the series behind at the end of Season 12. Ramirez has been absent from the small screen ever since, aside from some voice work on Sofia the First. Now she's poised to return to TV with a role on a big TV show. Ramirez is joining the cast of CBS' Madam Secretary in the fourth season. Take a look at her in the new role!

madam secretary sara ramirez

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On Madam Secretary, Sara Ramirez will play a character by the name of Kat Sandoval, who is a brilliant political strategist. She's a big name in the Washington D.C. sphere for her skills in the political game, but she dropped out of that game quite suddenly. She seems determined to stay out of the spotlight until Elizabeth shows up to talk her back into joining the team at the State Department.

The announcement of Sara Ramirez joining the cast of Madam Secretary comes shortly after the news that longtime series regular Bebe Neuwirth would be leaving the show behind. While it sounds like Kat Sandoval will have some key differences from Neuwirth's character, the introduction of a new character may help fans move past Neuwirth's departure.

It certainly sounds like fans of Grey's Anatomy won't confuse Kat Sandoval with Callie Torres, and not just because Sara Ramirez seems to have a distinctly different look for Madam Secretary than she did on Grey's Anatomy. The Madam Secretary character should give us the chance to new a whole new side of Ramirez as an actress, and we should see plenty of her. Ramirez is on board as a series regular.

We don't have to wait too much longer to see Sara Ramirez make her Madam Secretary debut. Her first episode will air on Sunday, November 19 at 10:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Only a few weeks are left before Kat Sandoval shows up on the series, likely to mix things up for Elizabeth and Co. at the State Department. Hopefully we can count on her sticking around in the long run. Madam Secretary isn't exactly a ratings juggernaut for CBS, but it has delivered relatively consistent numbers over the years.

You can catch new episodes of Madam Secretary on Sunday nights on CBS. If you want to give Madam Secretary a try for the first time, you can catch up with the first three seasons streaming on Netflix. If you feel like a Sara Ramirez fix ahead of her Madam Secretary debut on November 19, the first 13 seasons of Grey's Anatomy are also streaming on Netflix. For your network and cable TV options now and in the coming weeks, take a look at our fall TV guide. Don't forget to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all things movies and TV.

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