Two Versions Of Harrison Wells That Were Cut Out Of The Flash's Council Of Wells Episode

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Tom Cavanagh teased at SDCC that we would see more Wells in Season 4 of The Flash, and now we're learning exactly how. In an effort to figure out who DeVoe is, Team Flash will bring together a "Council Of Wells" that features doppelgangers of the brilliant mind all hailing from different parts of the multiverse. Tonight's episode "When Harry Met Harry" will feature a few new variations on Wells that should be a treat for fans to see, although actor Tom Cavanagh is disappointed a few versions didn't make the cut:

Unfortunately, one of the casualties was Wells the Gray, who was a Gandalf guy basically throwing out non-sequiturs. . . . I think it's unfortunate the Russian didn't see the light of day.

The fact that The Flash writers left a character like "Wells The Gray" out of the script in favor of other characters should indicate just how amazing the ones that made the cut should be. Tom Cavanagh told Extra that the list of Wells characters was knocked down from 10 to just a few, and the final Wells versions that made the cut include a pompous German and a bad ass Australian. Cavanagh also mentioned the episode will feature a nod to "the mansion" to reference Hugh Hefner, so hopefully, we see a Wells in a red smoking jacket.

As far as whether or not any of the Wells copies that were cut from the episode will appear in future episodes, Tom Cavanagh joked that his Gandalf Wells might appear in Season 17. For now, it appears the Wells versions that made the cut are good enough for Cisco actor Carlos Valdes, who thinks fans of The Flash will really enjoy the scene where they all come together:

Tom is very good at riffing on this particular character and letting us see different shades of Wells, but this just goes so over the top in such a gratifying way...for as long as it took, he sure made it a lot of fun... I think people will dig it a lot.

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