Will The Flash Season 4 Bring In A New Harrison Wells? Here's What Tom Cavanagh Told Us

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Perhaps more than any other DC show, The Flash has thrived because of the comic--embracing multiverse, and no single character on the hit series has become more immersed in wide-reaching sci-fi concept than Harrison Wells. Tom Cavanagh's potentially infinite pool of Wells has consistently stood out as a core, fan-favorite element, and The Flash won't soon try to end that hot streak. During San Diego Comic-Con, the actor spoke to CinemaBlend and other outlets about Season 4, and he admitted that we might see yet another Harrison Wells following some quality time with Harry, saying:

We're just gonna start there, with [Harry], and see as we progress toward the big season arcs -- I don't know what you guys know about the main villain and stuff -- but we're going to, around that time, see what other versions of Wells are available. He said, politically correctly, without giving hardly anything away. . . . Like I say, there's all these different Earths we created, and there's all these different Wells to pick from, and so we pick from them.

So, we won't get a brand new Harrison Wells right out of the gates -- and that's great for Harry fans -- but Tom Cavanagh's answer seems to indicate that we will eventually get some new take on the beloved sometimes-scientist. Harry Wells (a.k.a Earth-2 Wells) will return to his former status as our go-to man (in the wake of HR's tragic demise at the end of Season 3), and a new Wells will eventually enter the equation once the particular narrative direction of this season has been established.

The introduction of a new Harrison Wells could easily set the tone for the entire season.. Season 1 gave us the dastardly evil Eobard Thawne-in-disguise incarnation of the character, and he arguably remains the series' best villain to this day. Season 2 saw the introduction of the far more reliable and sympathetic Harry to help fight Zoom, and his rough edges smoothed out as the season went on. Season 3 then went into the show's darkest territory yet with the entrance of Savitar, and the arrival of HR effectively kept a consistent flow of comic relief. Each Wells serves a particular purpose, so we're dying to know how the character evolves as Barry finds himself in a battle against The Thinker, this year's new big bad. One thing is certain; Cavanagh confirmed it will NOT be Mime Wells.

Mime Harrison Wells The Flash

On a more dour note, one thing worth acknowledging is the possibility that things may not look good for Harry if another Wells is on the horizon. The character's arc has come a long way since his days as an antisocial, gun-toting jerk, and Team Flash has gotten a bit more crowded than when he first came on the scene, which usually spells disaster for someone. With Jesse Quick now working well as an Earth-1 hero, it's difficult not to wonder whether or not Harry could bite the dust at some point in Season 4 to throw Jesse off of her game. After all, if we have learned anything from HR Wells' heroic sacrifice in Season 3, it's that anything can happen to any Wells at any given time.

The Scarlet Speedster will return to The CW later this fall on October 10 at 8 p.m. EST. Summer is now winding to a close, but make sure to take a glance at CinemaBlend's own summer TV premiere guide and fill out your television viewing calendars accordingly!

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