Sesame Street's Stranger Things Parody Is Hilarious And Adorable, Check It Out

Sesame Street has been known to tackle some of the biggest TV series and movies with parodies, and the latest show to get the spoof treatment is none other than Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things. The release of Stranger Things Season 2 was one of the most highly-anticipated TV events of 2017, as fans had been waiting for more than a year for new episodes. It's only fitting that Sesame Street goes full Stranger Things for a video all about sharing. Check it out!

Warning: spoilers ahead for Stranger Things Season 2. If you haven't watched yet, feel free to check out some of our non-spoilery articles.

If I wasn't already down with sharing, this Sharing Things video starring the Cookiegorgon after a trip out of the Snackside Down would have done it. Cookie Monster is definitely much more adorable (and less murderous) than the Demogorgon of Stranger Things, and baby Dart is at least less slimy than he was in Season 2. For the sake of any kids watching, it's probably for the best that the video ended with the sharing of cookies than a giant terrifying shadow monster looming over a bunch of kids.

That said, it was pretty adorable that Eleven was literally the number 11 for the sake of the video, and Kali even made a quick cameo at the end as the number 8. Barb fans who watched Stranger Things were probably disappointed that she didn't make a reappearance (even if justice for her was delivered), so her appearance in Sharing Things had to be a nice surprise. What wasn't a surprise was that the video didn't end with her being gruesomely mauled by a monster. Instead, the Sharing Things version of Barb is simply tied up in candy wrappers and hanging out in the Snackside Down with Cookiegorgon. Since Cookiegorgon knows about sharing now, maybe the Snackside Down won't be so bad for Barb.

All of this said, I got my biggest laugh of Sharing Things out of the fact that Hopper was played by a hopping bunny rabbit. It wasn't the most overt gag of the video, but I got a kick out of it, not least because the Hopper of Stranger Things is not a character I'd usually associate with an adorable bunny. It was a nice twist toward the end when Will's drawings came into play in teaching Cookiegorgon about sharing. All things considered, the Stranger Things clip has to be at least as much fun for adults as for kids.

Both seasons of Stranger Things are available for streaming and binge-watching on Netflix now. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest on Stranger Things Season 3 news. For the return dates of shows that will be back much sooner, take a look at our 2018 midseason TV guide. Not all shows will be back, however, as you can see on our rundown of 2017 TV cancellations.

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