How Long Stranger Things Should Last, According To One Star

Hopper checking out the crops in Stranger Things 2

It's been almost two weeks since Stranger Things 2 was released on Netflix, and fans haven't stopped binging and discussing the Duffer Brothers' hit series. The show's second season picked up a year after the events of Season 1, expanding the mythos while also allowing the child cast to naturally age before our eyes. But how long should Stranger Things last? The Duffer Brothers have previously given a rough estimate for the show's length, and now star David Harbour has given his two cents on the subject. He recently said,

I've heard the Duffers say that they want to end it at four. I will say that I do feel like I would see it run for five seasons. I do know that there's an end to the story. And I know that there's an end for all of these characters. And I'm happy about that, because I don't want it to become like other shows, which are great shows, but like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones where you continue to spiral out of the story just to create content. I know that we have a story to tell. I know that it can be wrapped up either in four or five seasons. I think four is a little quick. Because I think it's such a great show, I don't want to let it go that soon. But I do think five will be the perfect number where we can tell our story, have it be really rich and something people can watch and go back to watch again. But we can also get out before you get tired of us.

Hopper has spoken. And he thinks that five seasons would be the perfect length for Netflix's sci-fi period piece to have a natural conclusion. Now he just has to convince the dynamic duo of writer/directors to take his advice.

David Harbour's comment to Variety certainly doesn't mix words. He'd specifically like to see Stranger Things run five seasons, before allowing the residents of Hawkins, Indiana to end their battle against malevolent forces. This actually seems like a great choice for the series, especially considering how long running shows often sour as they get deeper into their tenure. Shows have been known to start going downhill around Season 6, so keeping Stranger Things to just five is a great way of avoiding that issue. Then again, the show may end up running for only four seasons, to the chagrin of its star.

Whatever the length, it certainly does seem like The Duffer Brothers have thought out the narrative of the future moving forward. Much like its first season, Stranger Things 2 planted the seeds for a slew of new issues when the series returns, especially the seriously pissed of Shadow Monster that is currently trapped in the Upside Down. And with The Duffer Brothers giving the show a shorter and finite life on Netflix, we should expect a compelling story up until the very end.

Stranger Things is currently streaming its first two seasons on Netflix, as well as an after show. Check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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