Star Trek's Jason Isaacs Wants To Know Why William Shatner Has Blocked Him On Twitter

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It looks like someone hit Star Trek: Discovery star Jason Isaacs with a phaser that was set to stun, as the actor is bemusedly shocked by Star Trek vet William Shatner blocking him on Twitter. The Trek franchise's latest captain shared the news to fans via the social media platform, and he wants to know why it happened:

It's incredibly hard to tell if Jason Isaacs is solely joking in his tweet, or if he's legitimately throwing some tongue-in-cheek shade back at William Shatner for blocking him. Isaacs has been known for his blunt demeanor and unapologetic commentary, so it's not as though a tweet like this is particularly out of character for him.

For those who may be unaware as to what may have caused this drama, it would seem Shatner may be none too happy about Isaacs saying he wouldn't wish to see the actor's James T. Kirk making a cameo in Star Trek: Discovery's future. Isaacs said bringing Shatner into the series (which the former Trek actor had expressed interest in) would be celebrity stunt-casting, which would get in the way of the story the show is trying to tell. Isaacs did end that particular point by saying that he would love to meet Shatner for dinner in real life, but he just doesn't want him in the series.

Appropriately enough, this isn't the first time William Shatner and Jason Isaacs have had problems on Twitter; the two went back and forth on Twitter over another Trek-related issue. Here's how he put it in an interview with The Telegraph.

Bill Shatner started to troll me online. I was misquoted about Star Trek, and we got into this wild banter with each other. Then I met him and he seemed to have no knowledge of it at all. So I'm not sure he does his own Twitter feed, but I rather enjoy engaging with whoever online William Shatner is.

Shatner or not, whoever is running the actor's Twitter account is apparently none too happy with the enigmatic captain of Star Trek: Discovery. Meanwhile Shatner's account has been on a tweeting frenzy in the past day, and has yet to give a response as to why Jason Isaacs is now off the actor's Twitter feed.

Star Trek: Discovery doesn't return for the second half of Season 1 until January 7th on CBS All Access, so there's still plenty of time to focus on this drama while awaiting updates. Those who would rather not fall into the rabbit hole of Twitter beefs can still find great television to watch via our fall premiere guide, or they can hop ahead to our midseason premiere guide and see what's in store for 2018. CinemaBlend also has a list of shows that were canceled in 2017 that's totally worth checking out to remember some of the great/terrible ideas that were given the boot this year.

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