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Warning: spoilers ahead for the November 30 episode of Gotham.

Gotham has been crazier than ever in Season 4. Bruce Wayne was becoming more like Batman than ever before killing Ra's al Ghul and spiraling into a drunken playboy persona. The Riddler lost his touch with riddling, and Butch was resurrected by a swamp into the zombie villain known as Solomon Grundy. Jim is a captain and a seriously creepy bad guy going by Professor Pyg is on the loose. More recently, Penguin and Sofia Falcone basically declared open war on each other after a bonkers move by Penguin. Now, the trailer for next week's midseason finale has been released, and it reveals even more craziness on the way courtesy of a returning villain: Jerome. Check it out!

Yes, none other than Jerome shows up in the final seconds of the big midseason finale trailer. The glimpse of him is far too quick to give much information about what he's been doing and what he has planned, but it's better than nothing. He is clearly still locked up in Arkham, as we can see by his striped shirt and the bars over his window. Jerome's face also isn't looking too hot, which isn't surprising. The guy did have his face peeled off and stapled back on. Honestly, he's lucky he looks as presentable as he does. Of course, we would be able to tell that this person is Jerome even without the Arkham outfit and reattached face. The cackling laugh that plays over the title card at the end can't belong to anybody other than Jerome.

All of this said, we can't guarantee that we'll see much more of Jerome in the episode than we see in the trailer. Gotham loves to end finales on big cliffhangers, and what better way to keep fans on the edges of their seats over a hiatus than by bringing Jerome back into the mix for a few seconds? For all we know at this point, Jerome will only pop up in the final moments of the midseason finale. The good news is that the trailer indicates we're in for a lot of exciting story that won't even need Jerome.

Penguin will still apparently be rather unhinged after the events of the latest episode, and we can bet that Sofia and Co. will be ready to answer any of his violence with some of their own. The cops of the GCPD are clearly gearing up for a major fight; given what usually happens to the cops of the GCPD whenever many of them are in one place together, a great many of them may be biting the dust.

Perhaps the most unexpected bit of the trailer is the look at a fight sequence between Bruce and Alfred. Bruce has been acting out ever since killing Ra's al Ghul, going so far as to ditch Alfred on what was supposed to be a bonding experience and drinking heavily while out on the town, but Season 4 has had him pretty shaken up by the memory of killing Alfred. Something inside him must truly snap in the midseason finale if he's going toe-to-toe with his beloved butler. Personally, I'm rooting for Alfred on this one. Sure, Bruce is destined to become Batman, but... well, he's been kind of a brat lately, and Alfred has a lot more training and experience.

We'll have to see who comes out on top and how much Jerome will be featured. The Season 4 midseason finale of Gotham will air on Thursday, December 7 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Be sure to tune in to see the return of Jerome as well as all the other craziness Gotham can always be counted upon to deliver in finales. For what you can watch following the winter hiatus, take a peek at our 2018 midseason TV guide.

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