First Look At Resurrected Jerome In Gotham

With both DC and Marvel comics, there are a few choice characters who are truly representative of the franchises as a whole. On the DC side of things, it's all about Batman, and with him comes his crazy arch nemesis The Joker. Fox's Batman prequel series Gotham has flirted with both iconic characters, especially The Joker. While the traditional character hasn't made an appearance, Cameron Monaghan's Jerome provided a spiritual brother of sorts, before he was suddenly killed in Season 2. Fans were disappointed at the choice to kill off Jerome, although it eventually became clear that the character would eventually be resurrected. Hey, it worked for Fish Mooney.

Anticipation for Jerome's return has been at an all time high, and now a new trailer was released which features our first look at the fan favorite character. Jerome is back, and he's looking pretty worse for the wear. Check it out.

Gotham Jerome

Woah. While we already know and love Jerome, he looks extra badass nowadays. I guess dying and coming back to life will do that to you.

While Jerome has been absent from Gotham for a full season, the character's influence has definitely been felt. Following his death at the hands of Theo Galavan in Season 2, we saw that quite a few Gotham City residents identified with the villainous maniac's agenda. His "final" episode ended with various Gotham denizens laughing without control and becoming violent. His message of anarchy also affected Lori Petty's character Jeri. Jeri runs a nightclub in Gotham City that is dedicated to Season 2 villain gang The Maniax, of which Jerome was a member. In fact, her entire patronage was willing to obey her commands, believing Jerome's wishes were being carried out.

It should be interesting to see how Jerome functions in the larger scale of Gotham's narrative. David Mazouz's Bruce Wayne has been slowly becoming closer to his destiny as Batman, especially in Season 3. With Bruce transforming from annoying to slightly badass, going up against Jerome might be exactly what he needs to get a step closer to becoming The Dark Night.

Take a look at the teaser for Gotham's return from hiatus below.

Pretty cool, right? Jerome is finally back, and I'm ready for him to help bring Gotham City into anarchy. All I need is a reunion with Barbara Kean and I'm going to be one happy Gotham watcher.

Gotham will return to FOX tomorrow evening, January 16th. For a list of the winter premieres, check our midseason premiere list.

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