PBS' Little Women Has Its First Whimsical Trailer, Watch It Now

Ever since it was announced that PBS and Masterpiece would be collaborating with The BBC to create a television adaptation of the classic novel Little Women, fans of the work have been eager to get a glimpse of how the project will seek to portray and tell the story of the four March sisters. Those fans have gotten their wish as the trailer for the upcoming three-part series has hit the web, and it's nothing short of whimsical:

This television adaptation of Little Women may not have the star power of the 1994 film or any of the projects that have preceded it, but this trailer does elicit the feeling this project will be worthy of the original. While there is a fair batch of resh talent in this adaptation, there are some notable names U.S. audiences will recognize such as Willa Fitzgerald from MTV's Scream series, Supernatural's Kathryn Newton, Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon, and the legendary Angela Lansbury. Additionally, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya Hawke will make her acting debut in this series as Jo, so that will certainly be something for audiences to look forward to when the three-part series airs on PBS on the Sundays of May 13 and May 20. Those with BBC One will be able to see the series much sooner, as Little Women comes to the channel beginning Tuesday, December 26 in a three-night event.

Overall, this trailer for Little Women looked to be a much more faithful representation of Little Women than some past pitched television ideas. It definitely gives off the vibe of a series a teacher could play in a classroom for students reading the book, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It may not be the fresh modernized idea of putting the girls in dystopian Philadelphia, but it's not as though Little Women really needs to be tweaked at all to remain a classic even in this modern era. Louisa May Alcott's novel has managed to survive several adaptations throughout its history, so its doubtful fans of the novel will suddenly find this adaptation boring, especially with Call The Midwife creator Heidi Thomas handling the adaptation.

As mentioned, American audiences will get to see the premiere of Little Women on PBS Sunday, May 13 on PBS. Anyone interested in what else is coming to television in 2018 can head over to our midseason premiere guide and see what shows are set to return in the early months of the new year. Those still content with seeing what 2017 has to offer in terms of new shows can head on over to our fall premiere guide. For a look at some of the shows that were less than successful in 2017 and managed to get canceled, be sure to visit our cancellation guide.

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