T.J. Miller's Comedy Central Show The Gorburger Show Has Been Cancelled

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Few shows are ever entirely safe from cancellation on the small screen, and oddball comedies are often hit-or-miss, even on networks known for delivering laughs in unexpected way. Fans of T.J. Miller's animated series The Gorburger Show are in for some bad news, as it is the latest series to get the axe. Comedy Central officially cancelled The Gorburger Show after only one season of just eight episodes.

T.J. Miller was attached to The Gorburger Show in a number of ways, serving as executive producer, co-creator, and voice of the giant blue space monster host who invaded a Japanese morning talk show. The premise established that the monster known as Gorburger was holding the staff of the talk show hostage as he interviewed various celebrities in an attempt to figure out what it means to be human. The show kicked off on Comedy Central on April 9 and concluded its run on June 4. Season 1 featured appearances from Larry King, Rob Corddry, Tig Notaro, Reggie Watts, and Drew Pinsky.

The Gorburger Show actually began as a comedy for Funny or Die, running for a total of 19 episodes over two seasons. The pilot for a series on the small screen was initially produced for HBO in 2015. The project ultimately landed at Comedy Central earlier this year, and viewers got the chance to see a new take on the Funny or Die series. Unfortunately for everybody involved, viewers evidently did not respond well enough to justify another season.

News of the cancellation broke on the exact same day that T.J. Miller was accused of sexual assault and violence by a woman. The alleged incident took place in 2001 while both attended classes at George Washington University. The woman (who has chosen to remain anonymous) claims that Miller strangled her and punched her in the mouth while they were having sex, along with nonconsensual penetration.

This is hardly the first claim of sexual misconduct leveled at a big name in showbiz in the last few months. That said, a Comedy Central representative has claimed that the decision to cancel The Gorburger Show was made prior to the accusations of sexual assault. In fact, THR reports that the decision to not to move forward with a second season of The Gorburger Show was made back in July and was simply not announced until today.

T.J. Miller made headlines earlier this year when he very suddenly left HBO's Silicon Valley and gave a series of bizarre interviews in the aftermath, ranging from opining that he departed so publicly because it's "more important to be polarizing than neutralizing" to revealing that he and Silicon Valley co-star Thomas Middleditch didn't really get along. Miller won't exactly be lacking for work even without The Gorburger Show and and Silicon Valley, as he has roles in Ready Player One, How to Train Your Dragon 3, and Deadpool 2.

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