How Once Upon A Time's Regina Is Changing This Season

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As Once Upon A Time gears up for the second half of Season 7, one series regular character is going to be exploring new territory. Considering the characters of this series frequently undergo massive changes, that may not come as a shock to any longtime fans. Although fans will be no doubt interested to hear what's in store for Regina when the show returns. Once Upon A Time co-creator Eddy Kitsis said love is in the air for the formerly Evil Queen when the story picks up in 2018:

There is absolutely going to be some romance in Regina's life in the second half of the season. Regina may have suffered a lot over the years, but she is nothing if not resilient. And when her heart is stirred, she decides to explore what that means and to see what possibilities lie out there for her.

Given what Regina, aka Roni is currently up to in the Once Upon A Time story, it feels as though love should be at the bottom of her list of priorities at the moment. No one understands this more than co-creator Adam Horowitz, who assures that while Regina is hard at work dealing with all the evil afoot, there's always time for a little romance. Horowitz adds that while Regina has suffered a great deal throughout the years, she is "resilient" and owes it to herself to seek out love yet again. As far as who Regina is going to link up with on Once Upon A Time, neither Eddy Kitsis or Adam Horowitz were willing to spill any details beyond Kitsis telling TVLine it's going to be an interesting relationship that they're excited for fans to see.

While Regina is set to fall in love once again, Adam Horowitz wants to make it clear Once Upon A Time isn't trying to squash the memory of her past romances. Horowitz assured any fans that might be miffed that Daniel and Robin Hood will both always hold a special place in Regina's heart, which might console fans Evil Queen's past love stories.

Once Upon A Time is scheduled to return to ABC with more drama and a touch of romance Friday, March 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what other shows are set to return in 2018 or make their premiere, our midseason premiere guide is the perfect resource. There's still plenty of great television to enjoy in the final days of 2017 and our fall premiere guide has what anyone may need to end their year in television with a bang. Anyone curious as to what shows were canceled this past year and would like some background as to why can find out at our cancellation guide.

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