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A Scandal And How To Get Away With Murder Crossover Is Probably Happening

When Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder return to television Thursday, January 18, it will have been nearly two months since fans last saw a new episode of either show. While that's a long time to wait, it appears as though it will have been worth it, because the two Shonda Rhimes shows will probably crossover at some point before the year ends. Kerry Washington was the first to tease the get together when she tagged Viola Davis in a picture on Instagram:

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Yep, that's Olivia Pope sitting on a bench outside a courtroom that also appears to be on the set of How To Get Away With Murder. The plot thickened when Viola Davis responded to Kerry Washington's post with a picture of her own showing Annalise Keating on the set of Scandal. Clearly, it appears the two are promoting something, although Deadline reports Shonda Rhimes' studio Shondaland had no comment regarding the pictures. That aside, the current rumor is if the two shows are planning to invade each other's worlds, it's going to happen sometime later this 2018 season.

If Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder are preparing for a crossover in 2018, it's a big deal. While all the Shondaland stars have appeared collaboratively in the past to promote the shows and things of that nature, none of them have ever had a crossover in each other's shows. It's not a novel concept for NBC, which is more than used to crossover events with the various Dick Wolf collaborations they've aired over the years with great success. Considering the two shows air back to back it's not something that would be hard to pull off for a one night only, two-hour event, and there's probably a camp of people who are currently wondering if it would be three hours and also feature Grey's Anatomy. That doesn't appear to be in the cards, but maybe Ellen Pompeo can post a picture of herself looking sad in a hospital room and guilt Shonda Rhimes into making it happen?

If not three shows, at least Shonda Rhimes is looking like she's finally giving a lot of fans something they've wanted even prior to when it was announced Season 7 was Scandal's final season. While Grey's Anatomy isn't in on the fun this time around, the crossover may allow for the possibility of a future collaboration between it and How To Get Away With Murder, provided it gets a renewal past Season 4 at some point this year.

Scandal returns to NBC Thursday, January 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET with How To Get Away With Murder following it at 10:00 p.m. ET. For a look at all the exciting shows premiering or returning that day or in the coming weeks, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those who wish to see what shows were canceled in 2017 and get some background as to what happened can find out by visiting our cancellation guide.

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