How The Good Girls' Christina Hendricks Feels About Thelma And Louise Comparisons

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Good Girls, the upcoming dramedy from NBC, features three women who break bad in an effort to combat the struggles happening in each of their lives. Promotion and trailers for the series have caused some to compare Good Girls to the 1991 film classic Thelma & Louise, and Christina Hendricks is ok with that. That said, Hendricks told CinemaBlend's Conner Schwerdtfeger and others at the Television Critics Association press tour she doesn't think the similarity between the two lies within the story, but rather the on-screen dynamic she shares with her co-stars Retta and Mae Whitman:

Yeah it came up and storywise I don't think it necessarily applies but I think what people are responding to is the chemistry and the camaraderie of these women and these powerful women together, so that makes sense to me.

Christina Hendricks surely gave anyone anticipating Good Girls chills with her statement about chemistry, since comparing the vibe Hendricks has with her fellow co-stars to that of Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis certainly says something about this upcoming series. Just looking at the plot outlines though, it's clear Good Girls puts its characters in a wildly different situation than what happens in Thelma & Louise. At the same time, the premise of Good Girls, which focuses on women doing whatever they can to regain control of their lives, certainly gels with the same feminist values Thelma & Louise was praised for when it was made, so its easy to see how that comparison can be made.

Jenna Bans, the executive producer for Good Girls, agreed with Christina Hendricks in regards to the Thelma & Louise comparisons. Bans said that while some themes between the two properties apply, Good Girls is its own unique story. In short, as cool as it might be to be compared to a film as prestigious as Thelma & Louise, anyone interested in this series should know that Good Girls isn't some variation of that plotline:

I think the idea of women being sort of backed into a corner and forced to take their power back in a way that is shocking, maybe, and desperate, it applies. But I think for Good Girls, we're definitely, feel like we've carved out our own little space in the creative world and I think the blend of the comedy and that desperation is what makes us unique. And tonally it's a fun tightrope we get to walk every episode and make sure we're telling these stories in a really rounded relatable way.

Good Girls premieres on NBC Monday, February 26 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Anyone who clicked because they think Christina Hendricks is a "super woman," may be interested to find out there was once a time she was considered to portray Wonder Woman. Those looking for other shows to watch in the coming weeks can find a whole run-down of new and returning programming on our midseason premiere guide.

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