Could Christina Hendricks Play Wonder Woman?

Now that NBC has given up on turning Wonder Woman into a TV series by passing on their already filmed pilot, we can get back down to the business of covering Wonder Woman movie rumors. Here’s the latest: Christina Hendricks could be the favorite to play the Amazonian superhero.

Rumor of her possible involvement comes from the Los Angeles Film Festival, where last night Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn told the assembled crowd that he “has a plan in mind” for a Wonder Woman feature. Whether he’s actually doing anything with that plan is anyone’s guess, he’s been talking about doing this since 2010 and nothing has come of it. With the TV series out of the way though, maybe the time is right, and according to NY Mag he already has his star picked out. During the discussion Refn pointed to Drive actress Christina Hendricks and said, “If I ever get to do it, she's going to be it.”

Who exactly will she be in it? It’s worth nothing that Refn didn’t come right out and say he wanted her to wield Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, he just said he wanted her in the movie. I suppose he could just throw her in for some sort of cameo. But let’s assume for the sake of argument that he wants her for his Wonder Woman. That would be just fine with Hendricks, who’s been only too happy in the past to tell the world about her love of the character. Last year she even went on Rachel Ray and admitted to wearing Wonder Woman underoos.

Still, there are an awful lot of ifs here. If Refn actually has a studio interested in making his project, and if that studio would consent to cast an actress primarily known (but not really that well known at all) for her work on a basic cable television show (AMC’s Mad Men) and if they could find a Wonder Woman costume which can actually fit around Christina’s overtly female proportions, then we might have a good idea for a decent, female-led superhero movie here. Wonder Woman as a busty redhead? I can dig it. Anything’s better than what NBC did, by casting the character as a bland brunette with a penchant for wearing pants.

Josh Tyler