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Westworld Season 2 Is Surprisingly Bringing One Fan-Favorite Star Back

Young William in his black hat

Between cable, basic networks, and streaming services, there is a ton of fantastic content being produced on the small screen-- so much so that film actors have been making the transition to TV. One of the recent shows that did just this was HBO's Westworld, which featured a star studded cast including Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, and James Marsden. The sci-fi adventure had plenty of twists and turns, allowing the ensemble to truly shine. But following the explosive season finale, it seemed like certain characters were likely gone for good. This includes William, the young version of the Man in Black seen through flashbacks with Dolores. Well, now it looks like William will be returning after all, as actor Jimmi Simpson recently admitted.

I mean, yeah, I pop in. I wish there was exploration between the time when Williams' heart was broken and we see the result. I want to know how much it takes and how hard he tried to not go there. But I don't write the story.

It looks like William will be back for Westworld's second season, and Jimmi Simpson has some ideas about where he'd like to see the character go. Although we'll have some time to wait before we find out how young William manages to play into the narrative of Season 2.

Jimmi Simpson's comments from his appearance at the Television Critics Association's press tour are sure to excite all the Westworld fans out there. Simpson was a major character in the first season, and his love story with Dolores was a fascinating and complicated plot line. But unfortunately, the big twist around William's true identity was predicted far before the bomb dropped in the Season 1 finale.

Westworld's first season was ambitious in regards to its scope, alternating between two different timelines in the park. The hints regarding the two timelines were present from the very first episode, and the plot line was meant to be a long con that would pay off in the finale. But Westworld's fans were too smart, and quickly realized that the Man in Black (Ed Harris) was the same character as Jimmi Simpson's William. This totally ruined the big reveal, and the writers seem cognizant to make sure Season 2's contents were a bit less predictable.

It should be fascinating to see how William factors into the narrative of Westworld Season 2. While we likely won't see much more footage of he and Dolores in the park, perhaps Season 2 will bridge the gap between the last time we saw the character, and his eventual transformation into the Man in Black. It would be great to see how he ended up becoming so closed off and vicious, considering the William we know and love started off as a kind and moral character.

Westworld is expected to arrive this spring, although HBO has not revealed a premiere date. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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