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On the off chance you read the headline and thought that this story wasn’t going to contain spoilers, know that it will. If you don’t want to know anything that will happen in the episode, don’t read on. You’ve been warned.

The next episode of The Walking Dead, “Thank You,” will hopefully give fans a lot of awesome scenes involving Morgan swinging his bo at Wolves, Rick destroying walkers and Carol stabbing and shooting everything. But it sounds like at least one or two characters won’t be around to kick off November with Episode 4. Who are those characters? Nicholas and Glenn. I’ll hold on for a second while you stare at the screen with indignation.

Let’s take a look at the evidence before contemplating how realistic it may be. According to the generally correct The Spoiling Dead Fans, whose sources have apparently seen the episode already, there will be a scene in the second half of the episode where Glenn and the in-reform Nicholas are trapped on top of a dumpster while walkers are swarming on the ground. And though many have probably expected that Nicholas would die either by getting caught up in a walker situation of Glenn killing his old dumbass, it appears as if he will go into major panic mode and then shoot himself. Whoa.

This act of self-sabotage is reportedly then followed by him toppling off of the dumpster and taking Glenn with him. Glenn, a character that comic fans know meets his maker much later in the story at the hands of Negan, is said to then be ripped apart by the walkers and munched up, with no one else around to hear him or save him. Hmm.

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Okay, so let’s think about this for a minute. Both of these characters die way later in the comics, but that’s hardly a dependable indicator, given the way Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman like to shake things up. Still, there’s almost no way that Glenn will be killed off this early, and even The Spoiling Dead Fans is skeptical about buying into this, since actor Steven Yeun has been on set for a lot of the rest of the season’s production, which wouldn’t make sense if he was already dead. There’s the slimmest chance that Glenn’s “death” is some kind of a cop-out situation like a fantasy or dream sequence, but that’s not something this show is known for. It’s also possible that Glenn manages to survive his fall into the walkers, but that would be pretty hard to do.

On the flip side, I see no reason to think that Nicholas won’t die in “Thank You.” The guy is a major tool, and no matter how hard the show could work to turn him into something different – which is what happened in the premiere – he would still be a coward that let too many characters die. In fact, I think I’m going to be more upset if he doesn’t kill himself on Sunday.

Do you guys think that this all sounds legit? Find out when “Thank You” airs on Sunday night on AMC.