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Crisis On Earth-X Was Nearly Released As A 'Seamless' Movie

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The CW has a landing page for the Arrow-verse crossover "Crisis on Earth-X," so fans can watch the special event online without having to hop between show pages. While the landing page is certainly better than the constant clickfest between shows one would have to endure otherwise to watch all three specials, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow creator Marc Guggenheim shared with fans an alternate experience that could've been much better. Guggenheim shared his vision with fans to release the special as a "seamless," movie with the possibility of new material, as well as why it couldn't happen below:

I tried to get this released as a single, seamless -- no act breaks -- 'movie.' Maybe even with new material. What stopped us? Ironically, union rules regarding credit

Damn those pesky union restrictions! A seamless cut of "Crisis On Earth X," would certainly be quite a viewing commitment, but if it came with additional footage, most Arrow-verse fans would make time for it. Sadly, Marc Guggenheim's vision he shared with fans on Twitter doesn't appear as though it's going to be possible anytime soon, so they'll have to settle for how it's currently available. Hopefully, whatever new material Guggenheim teased could still find its way to fans eventually, even though he didn't get his way.

Not being able to create a seamless cut of "Crisis On Earth-X," may not seem like a huge deal at first, but its possible this issue will complicate how audiences enjoy the special going forward. For example, if a DVD or Blu-Ray version of the special is released, fans will have to watch it as four separate episodes of a series despite all the episodes being connected. While that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, a viewing experience like Marc Guggenheim described would definitely give the special that movie viewing experience similar to a film like Justice League.

Beyond physical releases, a seamless cut of "Crisis On Earth-X," would've made future viewing of the special less of a chore on platforms like Netflix. It's a problem Arrow-verse loving Netflix subscribers deal with currently if they wish to watch the previous crossover "Invasion," and a problem that will continue with this latest special if The CW doesn't think of a solution. Of course, the network isn't entirely responsible for these union regulations, but any action towards finding a solution to this problem will likely be their call to make.

The Arrow-verse shows all return next week with new episodes on The CW with Supergirl kicking things off Monday, January 15 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a full breakdown that features the times and dates of every returning and new show over the next couple of months, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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