6 Biggest Questions We Have After The Arrow-verse Crossover

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The gigantic "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover has finally aired on The CW, and it was an intense four-part extravaganza unlike anything else to take place in the Arrow-verse to date. The event will inevitably change all four shows in some significant ways, but the end didn't exactly bring closure on all fronts. There are still some big questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later by Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and/or Supergirl. Read on for the six biggest questions that we want answered after the latest Arrow-verse crossover!

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What will Thawne do next?

The villains who came over along with the Nazi soldiers in "Crisis On Earth-X" were matches for some of the biggest heroes of Earth-1, although the speedster bad guy wasn't another version of Barry. No, Eobard Thawne returned to mess things up yet again in Central City, once more in the form of Harrison Wells. In the big climax at the end of the crossover, Barry was able to defeat Thawne. Ultimately, however, Barry couldn't bring himself to kill Thawne, and he literally let his arch-nemesis walk away without even trying to capture and imprison him. Thawne is free to cause even more trouble for everybody in the Arrow-verse, and Barry may come to regret letting him go. We just don't know at this point how Thawne will strike back.

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Who was that wedding caterer?

Before the Nazis invaded in the first leg of the crossover and everything was going smoothly with Barry and Iris' nuptials, Barry had a very bizarre encounter with a caterer. The young woman was overly familiar with him despite her assertion that they'd never met, and she seemed weirdly invested in Barry and Iris tying the knot. A lot was happening in the crossover, which means that none of the episodes would probably waste time with scenes that wouldn't end up mattering in the grand scheme of the Arrow-verse. We formulated our own theory about her identity on the first night of the crossover, but she was not brought back by the end. There's no saying how long we'll have to wait for the answer to this particular question.

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Will Firestorm come back?

The big tragedy of "Crisis On Earth-X" came in the final episode of the crossover when Martin Stein succumbed to the injuries sustained in a gunfight on Earth-X. His heartbreaking death actually means two big losses for the Legends, as they no longer have either Martin or Firestorm. That said, Jax still wanted to remain a Legend with superpowers, and the brain trust of the various Arrow-verse shows have made the impossible happen before. It's possible that there will be a way to restore the Firestorm powers to Jax. If that's the case, it should be interesting to see if they do so by finding another partner for Jax or somehow giving him all the Firestorm powers without requiring him to join with anybody.

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What's the deal with Snart?

"Crisis On Earth-X" introduced a brand new version of Leonard Snart, who Arrow-verse fans knew as the Captain Cold. The Earth-X version of Snart is a hero known as Citizen Cold. He and the Ray are clearly in love with each other, and they both came to Earth-1 to help battle the Nazis who had invaded. When Ray prepared to return to Earth-X, however, Snart decided that he was going to stick around Earth-1. He didn't explain why exactly he wanted to stay on an Earth that wasn't his own, and actor Wentworth Miller recently revealed that he's wrapping up his time in the Arrow-verse. It's possible that one of the shows will write him out via killing him off, but only time will tell.

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What will happen to Earth-X?

When the heroes left Earth-X, it was in pretty bad shape with Nazis in control of just about everything. The good news for the folks of Earth-X is that both Overgirl and Dark Arrow were killed on Earth-1, and Thawne didn't seem like he was planning on returning to the Nazi world. The bad news is that there may be a power vacuum on Earth-X now, and chaos could reign for a while. Still, the resistance may finally stand a chance of defeating the Nazis, even without Citizen Cold on hand. Barry did offer to lend a hand if the Ray ever needs help punching Nazis again, so it's possible that the Ray series won't be the only time we'll see Earth-X again.

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Who designates the Earths?

Prior to "Crisis On Earth-X," it was established that there are 52 Earths in the multiverse, but Wells dropped the bomb in the first episode that there's a fifty-third Earth known as Earth-X. None of the shows in the Arrow-verse have ever really explained who designates the Earths. It's understandable why Team Flash would decide they were on Earth-1, but who decides which Earth is which? Was there a vote on leaving Earth-X out of the numbered Earths? Do any of the other Earths object to not being Earth-1? Harrison Wells may be the only one who knows for sure, but he hasn't shared just yet.

For some of our smaller questions left over from "Crisis On Earth-X," head on over to the next page for Honorable Mentions!

crisis on earth x alex oliver sara snart

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Honorable Mentions

Why did Barry and Iris wait so long for RSVPs? They didn't even know if two members of their wedding party were attending until the day before!

Where was Earth-X Barry Allen? The Earth-X incarnations of Oliver, Kara, and Sara were accounted for, but Barry was nowhere to be found.

When did Eobard Thawne fight Superman? He mentioned to Kara that he'd fought one version of her cousin.

How will the heroes defeating the Nazis affect the anti-vigilante attitude in Star City? They civilians may have to change their tunes about hating vigilantes.

Why did the Nazis attack Earth-1 instead of Earth-38? They wouldn't have had to face Green Arrow, the Flash, or any of the Legends on Earth-38, although Martian Manhunter and Superman would have been around.

The four shows of the Arrow-verse will air their midseason finales next week on The CW, so be sure to tune in for one last hurrah before winter hiatus. For when many of the biggest and best shows will be back in the new year, take a look at our midseason TV premiere guide. Don't forget to check out our 2017 TV cancellation breakdown as well.

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