The gigantic "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover has finally aired on The CW, and it was an intense four-part extravaganza unlike anything else to take place in the Arrow-verse to date. The event will inevitably change all four shows in some significant ways, but the end didn't exactly bring closure on all fronts. There are still some big questions that need to be answered sooner rather than later by Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and/or Supergirl. Read on for the six biggest questions that we want answered after the latest Arrow-verse crossover!

What will Thawne do next?

The villains who came over along with the Nazi soldiers in "Crisis On Earth-X" were matches for some of the biggest heroes of Earth-1, although the speedster bad guy wasn't another version of Barry. No, Eobard Thawne returned to mess things up yet again in Central City, once more in the form of Harrison Wells. In the big climax at the end of the crossover, Barry was able to defeat Thawne. Ultimately, however, Barry couldn't bring himself to kill Thawne, and he literally let his arch-nemesis walk away without even trying to capture and imprison him. Thawne is free to cause even more trouble for everybody in the Arrow-verse, and Barry may come to regret letting him go. We just don't know at this point how Thawne will strike back.

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