When The Flash Could Reveal The Identity Of That Mystery Character

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The gigantic Arrow-verse crossover of 2017 was an action-packed four-hour event, and fans had plenty to keep track of with the Nazis and the parallel world and the doppelgangers. Still, there was one very quick scene in the first leg of the crossover that stuck out for introducing a mysterious character who seemed destined to return in a big way. Before the Nazis arrived to ruin Barry and Iris' wedding, Barry had an awkward encounter with a caterer who seemed a little bit too invested in the nuptials to be a total stranger. Viewers have had to wonder about who she is and what she was doing there ever since the crossover. Now, according to actress Jessica Parker Kennedy, we may get our answer sooner rather than later. She had this to say:

I'll be around. You'll see me at least one more time, I can tell you that. You'll see me again on the show and things will make more sense.

Jessica Parker Kennedy obviously couldn't say much about her mystery character, but she was able to confirm that she had filmed two episodes in the Arrow-verse as of early December. The first episode was the Supergirl hour that kicked off the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover, and the second will be an episode of The Flash that will clearly hit the airwaves at some point in the second half of Season 4.

Fans have come up with some bold theories about the mystery character. Her investment in and enthusiasm for Barry and Iris tying the knot seemed to hint that she had some kind of connection to their union. Combine the young woman's interest in the wedding with the fact that The Flash is no stranger to dabbling in time travel, and the odds seem pretty good that she's none other than Barry and Iris' future daughter.

Barry and Iris do have a daughter by the name of Dawn Allen in DC Comics lore. She's one half of the Tornado Twins, along with her twin brother Don. Given Barry's confused line that "we're gonna need more diapers" back when he was spouting Speed Force gibberish in the Season 4 premiere, we may soon discover that Iris will have a bun (or buns) in the oven in the not-too-distant future, with Jessica Parker Kennedy on board to play adult Dawn. Another theory is that the mystery caterer is actually Jenni Ognats, who in the comics is Dawn's daughter and therefore Barry and Iris' granddaughter.

Interestingly, the folks at The Flash kept the secret of the character's identity quiet even on set. Jessica Parker Kennedy went on in her chat with Bustle to say this about her role:

No, it's really funny. They have me listed as 'Mystery Girl' and I just hang out as Mystery Girl on set. Even [the costume department] are like, 'Who are you?' And I'm like: 'I am Mystery Girl.' It's been a very secretive mission and it's been fun to be a part of.

Well, we can probably assume that her character isn't running around in a friction-proof suit if the costume department doesn't know who she is. Even the cast apparently doesn't (or didn't) all know who Jessica Parker Kennedy is playing. Hopefully all the secrecy means that the character's identity won't be spoiled ahead of the big reveal. Only time will tell.

The Flash will return for the second half of Season 4 on Tuesday, January 16 at 8 p.m. ET. Our 2018 midseason TV premiere guide can help you figure out the rest of your viewing schedule in the coming weeks.

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