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Shaun White Vancouver Winter Olympics NBC

NBC really wants anyone with a television to watch the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics. The network has been firing on all cylinders and doing everything it can to make sure people watch, even if that means collaborating with a competitor. The Peacock Network teamed up with Netflix and released a series centered around Team U.S.A. in an effort to get people pumped for the Games. Beginning on January 15, Netflix subscribers can watch Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA to learn more about those competing in the Winter Games.

Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA will center on the athletes of Team U.S.A. with an emphasis on people like Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn, Mikaela Shiffrin, and Nathan Chen, among others. The series is broken up into two episodes, the first of which runs 30 minutes long with the second episode running slightly longer at 32 minutes. Both episodes of the series, which are hosted by NBC Sports commentator Carolyn Manno, will be up from now until the end of the Winter Games, which conclude on Sunday, February 25.

While Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA discuss the Winter Games a fair bit, they also showcase the sides of the United States' athletes that those who watch the Games don't always get to see. Folks who tune into the series will see things like Mikaela Shiffrin singing while playing the acoustic guitar, as well as a bulk of the athletes running down a list of injuries they've sustained throughout miscellaneous competitions and training. Viewers will hear stories detailing the background of athletes, like how male figure skater Nathan Chen discovered his love of figure skating and how he's quickly becoming the biggest thing in the sport.

News of Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA on Netflix is the latest announcement from NBC about the special ways it will be promoting the Olympics. The network recently revealed that its coverage of this year's Super Bowl will be heavily loaded with 2018 Winter Olympics coverage as well as the football action. NBC is projecting to make about double the ad-revenue throughout the Winter Olympics that the Super Bowl will bring in this year, so it makes sense the network is pulling out all the stops to ensure everyone is aware the games are starting next month. Of course, in all this promotion, NBC may run the risk of getting viewers burnt out on the games before they even start, although that doesn't appear likely to happen at this point.

Go for the Gold and Meet Team USA are currently available to stream on Netflix. NBC's primetime coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games will kick off on NBC Thursday, February 8. For a list of shows premiering or returning to television to watch until then, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. For a verbal walkthrough of everything else coming to Netflix in January, check out this episode of The Cord Cutter Podcast.