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Spoilers ahead for the "Personal Jesus" episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14.

Grey's Anatomy in Season 14 has finally forced Jo to face off against her abusive husband Paul, and "Personal Jesus" brought their story together to an end. The previous episode saw Jo attempt to convince Paul's new fiancée that he's an abuser, and Paul was determined to get under Jo's skin all over again. That episode ended on the shocking reveal that Paul had been injured in a car crash, leading to two big questions: who hit Paul and will Paul survive? Well, "Personal Jesus" answered both questions, but not how many of us would have expected.

As it turns out, it was not Jo or Alex or even Jenny who caused the crash that injured Paul. Instead, "Personal Jesus" revealed that he wound up in the hospital due to a freakish coincidence. He was simply part of an accident caused by a drunk driver. Paul wasn't attacked by somebody who had been abused by him or on behalf of somebody who had been abused; it was a freak accident.

At first, it seemed that the crash was a freak accident that wasn't going to do much in the way of permanent damage. He was a bit banged up and wound up with a concussion, but nothing that would have necessarily ended with his death. Unfortunately for him (although not so much for Jo and Jenny), his own abusive nature led to a sequence of events that did result in his death by the end of the hour.

Jenny confirmed Jo's worst fears about what Paul had done to her when she revealed that she intended to go to the police due to Paul's past abuse of her. The good news was that Jenny was willing to look for help, and Jo was willing to help her make her case against the man who had hurt them both. Upon hearing this news, Paul flipped out and lunged to attack the women in a move that ultimately ended his life. Forgetting that he was attached to his hospital bed by the various equipment, he fell and smashed his head a couple of times. The second concussion left him brain dead. As Jo was still technically his wife, his fate was left in her hands.

Jo decided to pull the plug on Paul and allowed his organs to be donated in order to save the lives of others. While this act can't make up for all that he did to Jo and Jenny, it will at least allow Jo to get some closure and help save the lives of others who need his organs. Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, shared her thoughts on how Paul's death will affect her character in a chat with EW, saying this about whether or not Jo truly got closure that will last:

Yes, I think it has. I think there's a combination of a few things that will help her move on: She kept this such a secret to herself, so being able to say the words and tell her story out loud to somebody else was cathartic, and now finding someone she can be with that she really wholeheartedly trusts in Alex is also a way to help her move on, and of course, there's no way that Paul can threaten her anymore. All these things are going to drive her to finally move on.

While Jo obviously wasn't try to kill Paul or provoke Paul into killing himself (however accidentally), his death will allow her to move on from the constant fear that he would return and begin the cycle of abuse all over again. In a span of only a couple episodes, Grey's Anatomy freed Jo of the man who had forced her to live in terror for many years. Now, she'll be able to live her life in her own way, potentially including a deeper relationship with Alex. Who knows? Perhaps the death of Jo's husband will open the door for Jo to finally tie the knot with Alex.

We'll have to wait and see. New episodes of Grey's Anatomy air on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The long-awaited firefighter spinoff (which now has a name) isn't too far off. For other viewing options, take a look at our midseason TV premiere guide and our Netflix premiere schedule.

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