Did Riverdale Spoil Jughead And Betty Are Getting Back Together Soon?

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Warning! The following contains potential spoilers for Riverdale. Read at your own risk!

With its other mysteries still intact, Riverdale might have recently spoiled the fan-pleasing news that Betty and Jughead are getting back together soon. The spoiler was hidden within a promotion for the show's upcoming musical episode, in which the kids of Riverdale High will perform Carrie: The Musical. The faux casting announcement had a lot of blacked-out information to prevent yet-to-be-revealed Season 2 moments from getting out, although whoever was in charge of hiding spoilers may have forgotten one hidden within Betty's casting bio.

Betty Cooper (Sue Snell) usually spends her time as Riverdale's foremost teen journalist, but between news stories, she is thrilled to be a part of Carrie: The Musical, performing alongside her Mother, Alice Cooper. Congratulations to her long-time best friend, director Kevin Keller, for realizing his vision, and much love to her boyfriend, Jughead Jones. #bugheadforever

Well, that's awkward. Had Kevin Keller not directly asked Betty if she'd be okay when Jughead transferred back to Riverdale High School after their breakup, Riverdale could've played this off as the director being ignorant of current romantic non-pairings. That did happen though, and any attempt to cover up this possible boo-boo is going to be hard to accomplish. So obviously, Betty and Jughead are getting back together, and while we don't have a specific time frame regarding when the rekindling will happen, we can safely assume it's happening before Wednesday, April 18, which is when EW reports the upcoming musical episode is set to air.

Riverdale accidentally leaking this information is surprising, assuming that's what happened here, but the information itself is not so surprising. Jughead hasn't been on the prowl following the two's breakup, since he's been too busy trying to fight "The Man" and the status quo in Season 2. So he'll likely be ready to reconcile as soon as his pride will let him.

As for Betty, she did share a kiss with Archie in the midseason finale. But then Archie came clean to Veronica not long after it happened, and Veronica forgave him, so that "Barchie" storyline doesn't appear to be headed anywhere. So while this leak could've just been penned by some misinformed PR rep, the evidence that this is a legitimate spoiler is just too overwhelming to ignore.

If Jughead and Betty's reunification wasn't big enough to mark through in the in-show advert, one has to wonder what's underneath the redacted information that couldn't be seen. For example, Cheryl Blossom (who will play Carrie in the musical) sent a "grand bisous," (great kisses) to someone, and South Side transfer Toni Topaz gave a good luck shoutout to someone we obviously aren't supposed to know about just yet. Neither of those characters has shown a hint of any potential romantic storylines as of late, so we'll just have to see what's on the way as Season 2 of Riverdale continues!

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