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Spoilers below for anyone who isn't caught up through Arrow's episode "We Fall."

While Arrow completed Oliver's flashback cycle with Season 5's finale, the show has given audiences a few chances to step back into other characters' pasts in Season 6. And a pretty big moment is coming in the episode "All for Nothing," which will head back five years (naturally) to show fans the very first meeting between lovers-turned-enemies-turned-something Dinah "Black Canary" Drake and Vincent "Vigilante" Sobel. Check it out in the exclusive clip below!

Well, now, it looks like these two characters were meant to be together, right? The clip plays on the fact that Dinah and Vincent are so used to taking on dual personas, since they were then both working undercover in an effort to take out Sean Sonus, who would go on to destroy their relationship and much more. But before all that terrible stuff happened, the two had a meet-up made in heaven. Or made in Captain Singh's office, as it were.

At this point, Arrow fans probably don't know quite what to think about Vincent, who is trying his damnedest to convince Dinah (and us) that he's on the up and up, and that his current role within the villainous Cayden James' Cabal is actually another virtuous undercover mission to take that ever-dangerous threat down. We're not quite sure where our trust lies, but this clip implies that Arrow wants viewers to see the more heroic person he was before everything went downhill. Which is fine and dandy, since he could have been the most badass and justice-minded detective that ever lived before he took on the Vigilante persona. That doesn't mean what he's done in the meantime can be swept under one of Oliver's rugs, though. He'll need to keep proving his stance in other ways, and without a last-second backstabbing twist.

Regardless of where his current ideals lie, this moment will hopefully lead to other important memories from the pair's less tumultuous past. But for now, at least we have these characters' super-dreamy love-at-first-sight moment to enjoy.

The clip may be all about showing us Dinah and Vincent's job-meet-cute, but let's not forget that this flashback is also a fun crossover moment with The Flash, since it takes place in a pre-speedster Central City. This allows for Patrick Sabongui to make a special cameo as the CCPD's Captain David Singh, whose blood pressure has yet to go through the roof due to Barry's problematic heroics.

Arrow's "All for Nothing" airs on The CW on Thursday, February 1, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out this fun Flash clip centered on "Elongated Man," and then head to our 2018 Superhero TV schedule to see the other costumed crimefighters that are on the way. Our midseason premiere schedule, meanwhile, will clue you in on everything else.

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