The Good Place Season 2 Finale Just Blew Our Minds All Over Again

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of The Good Place! Read at your own risk!

The Good Place stunned its audience with a wild twist ending at the end of Season 1. Fortunately for fans, the show managed to do it again with the finale of Season 2. Eleanor and the others appeared to be at the end of the line when the judge condemned them to The Bad Place, but Michael and Janet came through at the last minute to prevent it. One short conversation later and Michael convinced the judge to wipe Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani's memory, and give them a chance to turn their lives around by having them survive the events that originally killed them.

The rest of The Good Place Season 2 finale focused primarily on Eleanor, who was no longer the woman killed by a row of shopping carts and an oncoming truck whilst trying to save some margarita mix. As Michael theorized to the judge, Eleanor took the experience to heart and began changing her life for the better. Unfortunately, the change in lifestyle didn't last long, and after six months of doing nothing but nice things, Eleanor was burnt out and back to her old self.

Michael, who was simultaneously keeping tabs on everyone's life as they lived them with Janet by his side, decided he had to save his friend from making the same mistakes that landed her in The Bad Place. The human-loving demon went down to Earth on Eleanor's birthday a year after the accident that almost killed her, and posed as a bartender to have a pep talk with the lapsed do-gooder, despite Eleanor having no recollection of him or their time together. It paid off; Michael was successfully able to steer Eleanor in Chidi's direction, and after hours of watching the scholar's online videos on philosophy, Eleanor took a plane to meet him in Australia. The episode ended with the two reunited once more, and Michael seemingly content with how things were lined up.

Michael's likely so pleased because he knows what fans of The Good Place know, Eleanor and Chidi are soulmates and make each other better. Even Chidi came to grips with this earlier in the episode, and after a season of denial, he finally kissed Eleanor. The two are reunited and that's great, but Eleanor and Chidi's reunification doesn't do much for Jason and Tahani. Can we just assume that they're going to be left to their own devices?

Unfortunately, The Good Place didn't reveal much of anything regarding those two. What we do know is that Janet will likely be keeping an eye on Jason given her recent proclamation of love, which is good, because he's definitely going to need some help. As for Tahani, surely she'll require some intervention as well, but whether or not one of the immortals will reach her before Chidi, Eleanor, or even Jason does remains to be seen. Honestly, the only thing to expect from this show is the unexpected, so we'll see where things head in Season 3!

The Good Place will return to NBC for Season 3 but no release date has been given at this time. For more on upcoming programming, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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