Watch A Drunk Kevin Hart Drop An F-Bomb, Get Kicked Off NFL Network

The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting events in American culture every single year, and the 2018 game was no exception. Super Bowl LII pitted the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots for the big game, and the Patriots were favored by many to win yet again. The Eagles ultimately emerged the victors, and Philadelphia fans didn't hold back in celebrating. One of those fans was none other than comedian Kevin Hart, who was pretty drunk when he dropped by a post-game interview on NFL Network with Fletcher Cox and dropped an F-bomb. Check it out!

Well, that might be the last time Kevin Hart is invited into a live post-game interview after his favorite team wins a game! The GameDay crew didn't all seem entirely shocked that Hart slipped up and said one of those forbidden words on live TV, and Hart was hustled off the stage right away. Maybe the funniest part of the entire interview was how Hart immediately realized that he messed up by saying "fuck" on live TV and covered up his mouth. He may have been drunk and he may have been carried away by celebration, but he knew that word was not what he was supposed to say. Hart almost looked like a kid who said a bad word in front of his teacher.

Unsurprisingly, NFL Network bleeped the F-bomb in the video posted on YouTube, but the reactions of everybody involved are enough for us to enjoy the full experience of Kevin Hart saying the big F on live television. Kudos to Fletcher Cox for taking the F-bomb in stride. He just kept on going with the interview and breakdown of the big game with no problem.

Of course, Kevin Hart's slip of the tongue wasn't the only funny moment of Super Bowl LII. The commercial breaks in between plays delivered plenty of laughs thanks to companies going all-out in producing memorable ads. A few commercials -- such as Chris Pratt's shirtless beer adventure, Keanu Reeves' dangerous motorcycle stunt, and the various Alexa voice replacements -- were released online prior to the Super Bowl actually airing, but there were plenty that were brand new during the game.

My personal favorite was Eli Manning and Odell Beckham's take on the iconic Dirty Dancing scene, but David Harbour's many Tide ads might take the prize for the most creative marketing of the entire night. Who could have predicting seeing Harbour star in commercials that poked fun at the Old Spice and Mr. Clean ads while still marketing Tide? Not all the commercials were received quite as well, such as a certain Dodge MLK ad. Some viewers probably wished the Super Bowl blackouts happened what that particular commercial debuted.

The Super Bowl may be over for 2018, but there's still plenty of great TV to watch. You can find your many options on our midseason TV premiere guide.

Laura Hurley
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