Stranger Things' David Harbour Won Super Bowl Sunday With These Hilarious Tide Ads

Since becoming the fantastically droll head of law enforcement in Stranger Things, David Harbour has used his newfound fame to do some unpredictably amazing things, usually on social media. But on Super Bowl Sunday, it was through a series of hilariously self-aware Tide ads that Harbour continued his takeover as the TV star we all want to be when we grow up. Check out the supercut of all Tide's Super Bowl ads in the video below. Yes, it's a Tide ad.

Hands down, David Harbour's Tide ads made for the most purely blissful 105 seconds during the many hours of Super Bowl LII coverage that NBC aired. Sure, Philadelphia Eagles fans probably enjoyed the end of the game slightly more, since it ushered in the franchise's first Super Bowl victory, but aside form all that years-in-the-making joy, Harbour was definitely the best part.

Even if that very first ad was the only one of these to get produced, it would still win. Those 30 seconds contained a bunch of different commercial types for David Harbour's Tide pitchman to interrupt with the assertion that everything we're watching is actually a Tide commercial. He goes through the typical "car driving on wide open roads just prior to sunset" ad, the "friends in a bar laughing at stuff" beer ad, the "surreally angelic approach" ad, the "slowly draping diamonds across someone's neck" ad and many more. I now suspect I'm going to spend the day worried that Harbour is going to spontaneously pop out of nowhere to tell me that my life is actually a Tide commercial.

So long as he's got those signature David Harbour dance moves, though, I'd be okay with it.

It's kinda crazy that these commercials were allowed to directly parody the Old Spice commercials -- down to the whistling -- and that no one had any issues with the Mr. Clean spoof. Granted, no one should have issues with how David Harbour spices up any situation, but some companies get pretty sensitive over things like this.

In the past year or so, upcoming Hellboy star David Harbour has become something of a Twitter icon for taking part in ridiculous fan-sponsored situations, usually just by getting people to retweet things. Something tells me people will be throwing him some Tide-related Twitter pitches in the near future, which I bet would make the company quite happy.

For now, David Harbour can be seen on Stranger Things Seasons 1 and 2, which are both available to stream on Netflix, while Season 3 is on the way! To see completely stain-free see what other new and returning shows are hitting the small screen soon, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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