The Orville Just Cast A New Star For Season 2

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When The Orville returns for Season 2, it will have a notable actress along for the ride. Fox has cast actress Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl fame for a big role in Season 2. Details about the role are scant at the moment, but it has been confirmed that Szohr's role on the series will be as a crew member of The Orville.

CinemaBlend confirmed with Fox that Jessica Szohr will join The Orville as a series regular, meaning the ship's main cast is about to get a bit bigger. Szohr's presence on The Orville will round out the ship's main cast to nine, making her the odd one out. What Szohr will bring to the ship's crew is unknown, but given The Orville's Star Trek roots, she could function as some form of diplomatic counselor similar to Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It's also possible she might be someone rather insignificant in terms of rank who suddenly becomes relevant due to interacting with one of the series' main characters. Of course, there's plenty of roles Szohr could fill on the ship, and she could even be the show's Wesley Crusher for all we know. The only thing that really is known is she's joining the ship's crew and is important enough to appear in a good amount of episodes.

Jessica Szohr's casting will be the second time the actress has worked with The Orville creator Seth MacFarlane. The director cast Szohr in his film Ted 2 back in 2015. Szohr will now hop on board The Orville, which could be great for her career. The Orville surprised many in Season 1 when it became Fox's highest-rated and most-viewed show since Empire debuted in 2015. Will Szohr be able to handle the pressure of being a part of one of Fox's hottest shows?

Probably! While the actress is most known for her stint as Vanessa Abrams on Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr is no stranger to roles on other prominent television shows. Szohr has been a part of Shameless Season 8 this year and in 2017, and also managed to appear in the television revival of Twin Peaks in 2017. A science-fiction show the likes of The Orville will be a new avenue for Szohr's career. If the actress can win some fans during her time on the show, no doubt other opportunities will be offered to her from those in the genre.

The Orville will return to Fox with Jessica Szohr and Season 2 sometime presumably this fall. For more information regarding upcoming television, new and returning, head on over to our midseason premiere guide. Those hungry for more information on The Orville but don't have a Xelayan on hand to help "open a jar of information pickles," read up on how cast member Penny Johnson Herald compared working on the set of this series to working on the set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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