Law And Order: SVU Is Bringing Benson's Ex Brian Back, And It Won't Be Good

Mariska Hargitay's Olivia Benson and Dean Winters' Brian Cassidy have had some major ups and downs over the years on Law & Order: SVU, and that's putting it lightly. Season 19 kicked off with Cassidy making his first appearance since Season 15 in order to investigate Benson for child abuse, and he'll be returning soon for another disturbing case. Only this time, Cassidy will be the one taking all the heat.

When Dean Winters returns to Law & Order: SVU for Episode 14, titled "Chasing Demons," Brian Cassidy will be involved in a murder trial centered on a doctor accused of sexual assaulting his patients. Unfortunately for those patients, and justice in general, Cassidy loses his temper while delivering his testimony, and the judge declares a mistrial. That means the accused doctor is allowed to go free, but wait! There's a twist!

Later that night, the now-freed doctor is found murdered, according to EW, and as far as one homicide detective is concerned, there's only one person who looks guiltier than others: Brian Cassidy. But guess what? At that point, no one is able to track Cassidy down, so who knows what'll happen there?

"Chasing Demons" will be Dean Winters' third SVU episode this season, and depending on how that doctor's murder investigation turns out, he might be behind bars for his next episode. Assuming, of course, that he doesn't also end up becoming a victim by the episode's end. Considering we only just saw a major character exit, which coincided with Philip Winchester's addition to the cast, it's certainly possible that Cassidy could take his last breath.

Dean Winters' Brian Cassidy was part of Law & Order: SVU's original cast, serving as Munch's partner. His complicated relationship with Benton started way back then in the form of a one-night stand, though it didn't pick back up again until another dozen years or so had passed. They later split up in Season 15, mostly on good terms, which made his return in this season's premiere all the more surprising. And by the end of his next episode, we'll know whether or not he'll be able to return in the future.

A TV vet best known for wildly different stints on 30 Rock, Rescue Me and Oz, Dean Winters has been extremely busy lately. He made a grand return as Brooklyn Nine-Nine's The Vulture and also recurs on HBO's Divorce. On the big screen, he was in 2017's rowdy comedy Rough Night and will be seen at some point in the Tekken-inspired comedy Who Do You Think Would Win.

Currently on hiatus because of the 2018 Winter Games, Law & Order: SVU will return to NBC on Tuesday, February 28, at 9:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is coming back and debuting, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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