The Major '90s Element That Everything Sucks' Creators Wished They Could Have Used In Season 1

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Netflix's new original series Everything Sucks! featured a ton of '90s nostalgia in Season 1, with creators Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan managing to pack in plenty of references to timely snacks, sodas, and the hottest musical artists of the era, save for one. Mohan mentioned that the first season unfortunately missed out on referencing the major '90s rock band Third Eye Blind, and he regretfully explained why it couldn't happen until a second potential season.

Third Eye Blind. Their album came out in 1997, and our show takes place in 1996, and there were so many instances where a Third Eye Blind song would have been the perfect soundtrack to a scene, but we couldn't do it because it wasn't period appropriate. . . . So in Season 2, Third Eye Blind, guaranteed.

Everything Sucks! managed to reference Oasis, Nirvana, and it even worked in a Tori Amos concert, but the show just couldn't make a Third Eye Blind moment happen. As Michael Mohan said, the band debuted in 1997 with their smash hit self-titled album, and the show's timeline starts up in 1996. The good news is that the duo sounds hellbent on adding a song or two from the band in Season 2, so fans should definitely expect to see Luke jamming out to "Semi-Charmed Life" or "How's It Gonna Be," at least assuming the series gets a season renewal from Netflix.

As shared with Uproxx, the news that Everything Sucks! Season 2 could feature Third Eye Blind is a bit surprising, considering the Season 1 finale looked as though the second season would pick up with the aftermath of that cliffhanger, which could make reaching 1997 a tad more difficult. Spoiler Alert for those that haven't watched the series yet!

The show closed Season 1 on the Messner family hanging out and eating pizza at the O'Neil's house while Luke's deadbeat father was just outside and preparing to knock on the door. It's possible Everything Sucks! could relatively quickly show Luke's father learning of his ex-wife's new relationship before skipping ahead, although fans probably want to see a little more of what goes down, considering Luke's absentee father played a big part in Season 1. Plus, we saw Luke's freshman year begin, but it didn't seem like it was anywhere close to being over when the season concluded. So we'll likely see his school year jumping forward a bit, gradually or suddenly, to go beyond the February 1997 Third Eye Blind release date. All in all, Season 2 could feature the return of Luke's dad as well as "Jumper," with little to no compromises being made for story and era authenticity.

Everything Sucks! is currently available to stream on Netflix. For a look at some other shows that are set to come to television in 2018, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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