Adam Rippon And Leslie Jones' Olympics Commentary Wins All The Gold Medals

Adam Rippon may have turned down official NBC correspondent duties this week, but that doesn't mean he can't have some fun talking about ice dancing with Saturday Night Live cast member and Olympic superfan Leslie Jones. The comedian has joined the roster of commentators for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, and, just like with her stint at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, she's bringing her hilarious A game. Take a look!

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Well, if you were wondering why NBC brought Leslie Jones back for these games, or why they offered a job to figure skater Adam Rippon, you now have your answer. The two are pure gold when it comes breaking down why we love to watch Olympic figure skating. I mean, sure, it's nice to get the inside scoop on all the spins, lifts and twizzles the ice dancing couple need to do, but who can honestly argue that what really matters to most of us isn't whether or not we want to wear their costumes to the club? None of us, that's who.

NBC correspondent Scott Hamilton surprised Leslie Jones, who was already in awe over how "dope" it was that she was given a headset, with the reveal that Adam Rippon would be coming on to help her give commentary on ice dancing duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's gold medal winning performance. In true, ultra-enthusiastic Leslie Jones fashion, this elicited a loud "AAAADDDDAAAAAAAAAAM!" from Jones, who was all smiles as she hugged Rippon, then gave him the once over and mused, "You're so cute!"

The two bonded immediately over how "fine" they think Terry Gannon, who's been announcing the figure skating events for this Olympics, is and then they dive into the performance. Pairs pull out all the stops in ice dancing, and can frequently offer up some pretty hot numbers, which leads Jones to wonder if Virtue and Moir "are getting into trouble for how sexy they are." That comment led to the magnificent revelation that Adam Rippon often watches Tessa Virtue and feels like, wait for it... his hair is growing.

Seriously, if you don't love the off-the-cuff madness that is Leslie Jones and Adam Rippon discussing how much they love Team USA, you might as well give up all hope of enjoying anything in life right now. Jones, of course, became well-known for her wild opinions on Olympic events during the Rio games, and was up to her old tricks when the Winter Games got underway, and NBC decided to bring her into the fold. Adam Rippon quickly caught people's attention during his many interviews before and after his performances for these games, and recently had to turn down an offer to become part of NBC's correspondent team so he could stay on Team USA.

The best part of the clip might be the ending, which sees Leslie Jones, who spent a large part of the video talking about how hot Virtue and Moir are, scream at the conclusion of their dance and proceed to fan herself, sweat and proclaim that "if they weren't dating, they're dating now. That's for sure!"

We haven't seen any additional team ups with Leslie Jones and Adam Rippon commentating at the Olympics, but NBC would be crazy not to continue to pair these two funny and frank folks as the games continue to roll on. You can watch the Olympics through February 25 on NBC and many of its networks. For more on what you can catch in the coming weeks, check out our midseason premiere guide.

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