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The Olympics are currently underway over in Rio and while we're all cheering loud for team USA, maybe no one is cheering louder than Leslie Jones. The Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star is apparently a big fan of the global sports competition and has been live commentating on the Olympics on Twitter. It's pretty hilarious and apparently the people who run the Olympics are starting to take notice.

The Hollywood Reporter has been following along with Leslie Jones' tweets and has chronicled the story. A Twitter user reached out to Jim Bell, the NBC Olympics executive producer, and told him that he needs to get Jones to Rio for some commentating, citing that it'd bring the USA more gold medals and give NBC a rating boost. NBC should never turn their head away from better ratings, and so Bell reached out to Jones over Twitter.

Jim Bell is more than likely joking, but there is a big appeal in seeing Leslie Jones fangirl over the competition. She'd definitely have to tone down her language, though, and I'm pretty sure they don't let you scream "GO, GO" in the middle of the competition. One certainly has to admire Jones' enthusiasm and patriotism for the games. We've collected a few of her Tweets, so you can see for yourself how funny it'd be if Jones actually were to go to Rio. Fair warning: some of these are NSFW.

So, yeah, she definitely would have to stop cursing, but what do you all think? Would you tune into the Olympics if it meant you could hear Leslie Jones cheer on team USA? Let us know in the comments below.

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