Watch Sean Bean As A Dangerous Prisoner In Exclusive Clip From 50 Cent's New Drama The Oath

As most pop culture fans are aware, Sean Bean is an actor whose characters don't often make it to the final credits, but that tradition has been bucked quite a few times in more recent years. Bean isn't exactly heading for easy street with his new show, Crackle's crime drama The Oath, so his character Tom Hammond's fate is totally up in the air. Below, you can watch Bean's long-haired prisoner in an exclusive clip from The Oath, which is the latest drama from executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

In The Oath, Sean Bean's Tom Hammond is a dedicated and hard-wired cop who ruthlessly heads up a gang of mostly lawful enforcers. After a deal goes wrong with an undercover FBI agent, Hammond finds himself behind bars (as seen above), which completely removes him from his powerful position. Once he's released, Tom has only one goal in mind, and that's to reclaim his throne at the head of the gang, but he'll have to take on a lot of his former underlings in order to do so.

The clip above obviously takes place in the interim between Tom's fall from morally ambiguous grace and his potential rise to morally ambiguous glory, and it's clear that Bean's badass is mixed up with some powerful people. Keeping quiet in jail is definitely his best bet, since blabbing about the "business" will only put a target on his head. Of course, smashing a guard in the face with a basketball could also put a completely different target on his head, but he doesn't look worried. He's Tom Hammond, dammit.

The Oath was created by Hawaii Five-0 writer Joe Halpin, who used to be a Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deputy, and he used his knowledge to inform this story of enforcer-heavy gangs and the secret societies that exist on all points of the justice spectrum. Also starring in The Oath are True Blood vet Ryan Kwanten, American Sniper's Cory Hardrict, Arrow's Katrina Law, The Magicians' Arlen Escarpeta and more. The series was directed by TV vets Jeff T. Thomas and Luis Prieto.

Sean Bean, whose other streaming series The Frankenstein Chronicles is out right now, is still arguably best known to TV fans as Game of Thrones' Ned Stark, and it's a role that might never be eclipsed in the actor's resume. But we're pretty sure The Oath is going to show off a lot of what the actor is best at -- with a thick accent in tow -- and in the process, it'll hopefully keep him alive longer than Game of Thrones did.

Get ready for some hectic action and drama when The Oath makes its series premiere on Crackle on March 8, with all ten episodes available to binge-watch at once, assuming viewers can handle the stress. While waiting, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

Nick Venable
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