Arrow Is Bringing Nyssa Al Ghul Back For Something Unforgettable

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Arrow Season 6 has brought some big changes to the show so far, and another one is one the way. Katrina Law will return to the series later this season in a single episode that will feature Nyssa al Ghul dropping by Star City. Unfortunately for Team Arrow, Nyssa will deliver some bad news, and Arrow executive producers Wendy Mericle and Marc Guggenheim teased that what happens during her episode will be "unforgettable."

Nyssaa is not the danger coming to Arrow, but she is the messenger. Mericle and Guggenheim went on to say Nyssa will warn of an "impending danger that will threaten everything we know and love." Neither executive producer revealed to Variety whether or not Nyssa's message is what makes this upcoming episode of Arrow so unforgettable. Given that this episode will reportedly change the show forever, however, one has to imagine the two things are intertwined. Law will appear in Episode 16 of Season 6, which is titled "The Thanatos Guild."

What news could Nyssa al Ghul have that would change Arrow forever? Slade mentioned that Nyssa was in pursuit of Evelyn Sharp following the events on Lian Yu in the Season 6 premiere, so it would make sense if whatever news she brings is tied to that character. Perhaps Evelyn is working with Cayden James or this "Thanatos Guild" by the time Nyssa returns. That doesn't sound like an announcement that would shake Arrow fans to their core, but it wouldn't be the first time the show has teased a big reveal with little payoff. A much bigger reveal would be Talia or even Ra's al Ghul returning, although either's return could undermine the story Season 6 already has going.

While Katrina Law's character was mentioned in the Season 6 episode "Fallout," the last time Arrow fans saw Nyssa al Ghul was in the Season 5 finale. In that episode, Nyssa defeated her sister Talia in battle, but was unable to kill her sister and opted instead to knock her out. Although it would appear the series is hinting at some Evelyn Sharp-related info, it wouldn't be surprising if the news in some way relates to the League of Assassins and Nyssa's sister. Then again, Nyssa's appearance is only set for one episode, and one would assume if this news was tied to her family, she'd stick around to fight. Given that, maybe the news is just Artemis-related.

Law isn't the only recurring cast member returning to Arrow this season, as actor Colton Haynes will also be back to portray Arsenal in a short story-arc. There's also a chance Huntress could make a comeback as well. With her possible return in addition to Haynes' and Law's, could Arrow be dead-set on bringing back as many former characters as Season 6 will allow? Let's just hope the story can take all these returns and do each character justice. The series has struggled with juggling multiple arcs in the past.

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