Sean Bean's New TV Show Just Landed At Netflix

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When it comes to successful British television, Netflix does not shy away from gobbling it up to redistribute it to an American audience. The streaming service has done that with shows like Peaky Blinders and Black Mirror, and now it's adding a supernatural crime drama starring Sean Bean from across the pond to its library as well. Soon, Netflix subscribers will get to see Bean look to solve a bizarre crime as The Frankenstein Chronicles makes its way to the platform.

Netflix acquired The Frankenstein Chronicles and it's 12 previously released episodes from ITV as it shuts down its Encore channel. The show, which stars Sean Bean in the role of Inspector John Marlott, is a 19th-century reimagining of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with a criminal twist. The show begins with Marlott discovering a corpse comprised of the bodies of eight missing children, and really just takes off from there. As mentioned, Variety states Netflix will get the previous two seasons of the series on its platform, and also has the option of developing new episodes for the series if it should choose to do so.

This won't be the first time The Frankenstein Chronicles will reach American televisions; A&E acquired rights to Season 1 of the series back in 2015. The show didn't seem to make a tremendous splash there, but A&E doesn't typically draw a large audience, so it's likely not many eyes were on it. With the series coming to Netflix and Game of Thrones fandom at an all-time high, The Frankenstein Chronicles will get the opportunity to be premiered in front of a large audience, which will definitely make the odds of a Season 3 much better than they were before.

As far as reviews are concerned, The Frankenstein Chronicles got some generally positive buzz, although many of those same critics panned it for being very similar to the other buzzed period dramas on television. Those who are fans of Taboo, Penny Dreadful, or Ripper Street are in luck, since this show received quite a few comparisons to those programs, although outside of the show's style, the stories appear very dissimilar. When speaking of the show's high points, many pointed out the supporting cast being super strong in their performances and more than capable of holding their own alongside Sean Bean, and it was also noted that the show gives off a very chilling vibe.

With the deal reportedly inked out, The Frankenstein Chronicles should be coming to Netflix sooner rather than later. For some upcoming shows that have premiere dates and will be coming to Netflix before the year is up, head on over to our fall premiere guide. For a look ahead at what's on tap for television in 2018, our midseason premiere guide is a great source. For a list of shows that were canceled in 2017, visit our cancellation guide.

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