Westworld's Creators Might Be Planting Fake Fan Theories Online For Season 2

Teddy and Dolores in Season 1

Spoilers ahead for Season 1 of Westworld.

The TV renaissance is currently in full swing, with tons of fantastic content being produced across a variety of platforms. This trend has seen plenty of film actors make the transition to the small screen, and perhaps no example is quite as obvious as HBO's Westworld. Westworld had tons of twists and turns for its cast, although some savvy fans got wise to what was being set up, and posted theories online that turned out to be true. So what can the show's creators do to combat this in Season 2? The answer: possibly putting out fake theories into the wild. As creator Jonathan Nolan told it:

We love to fuck with Reddit. Part of it stems from other shows. True Detective had a lot of fan theories that proved to be theories. There are lot of theories about Westworld's first season that proved to be plot twists. I think for every fan theory, we actually had an episode that dealt with it.

It looks like Westworld's creators and showrunners aren't above putting a few red herrings into the universe, in order to ensure that the fandom will be able to properly enjoy Season 2. And considering how the first season's finale went down, they've certainly got the right idea.

Westworld's season finale had some major twists and turns, but one planned WTF moment was spoiled weeks before the episode aired. The twist revolved around the timeline of Season 1, revealing that Jimmi Simpson's William and The Man in Black (Ed Harris) were actually the same person. This was supposed to be an epic revelation, but smart fans quickly put the twist together. The two timelines were teased quite a few times, so fans waited a number of weeks for the truth to finally be revealed. Womp Womp.

Jonathan Nolan teased the ways that HBO was planning on keeping Westworld Season 2 under wraps. While he didn't give any concrete details, he hinted at what's to come during his recent appearance at SXSW (via Esquire). He said,

We're figuring out how to sort of interact with that in the second season. A somewhat controversial plan that we're working on; we'll have an announcement about it in a couple weeks. It's incredibly gratifying to see people put that much work---not just into deciphering the season, but the fan art and music. The creativity you see coming back at you when you're making one of these things is extraordinary.

Westworld will debut Season 2 on April 22, 2018. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus, our superhero premiere list and Amazon premiere list for more details.

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