Watch Roseanne's Two Beckys Hilariously Sharing The Screen For The First Time

Television got a heavy dose of nostalgia this week with the release of Roseanne's first new episodes in 20+ years. For the original series' biggest fans, there was a lot to enjoy, particularly when it came to how the creative team addressed the many lingering concerns that have suck around for all these years, such as its patently ridiculous "Two Beckys" issue. Hilariously, Roseanne stars Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke finally got to be in their very first scene together, and the result was a piece of on-the-nose magic. Check it out!

Subtlety has never been Roseanne's strong suit, but then it never needed to be, and this Becky doubleheader was about as perfect as it could be. As soon as Sarah Chalke walked on the set, the studio audience went a little berserk, and the two stars' first lines together appropriately summed up their weird TV history together. "So great to finally meet you." "We could be the same person." "It is like looking in the mirror before I put my makeup on." That last one actually sounded like a minor burn, and it did leave Becky a little stunned. Why so salty, Andrea?

As it was previously announced, Roseanne's strategy behind bringing Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke together was for Becky to choose to be a surrogate for a married woman unable to have kids of her own. Which is where Chalke's Andrea comes in. And since Andrea is heavily invested in the Conner bloodline, to make sure Becky is a suitable surrogate choice, that means she needs to meet the fam-fam. As seen in the clip, Becky isn't exactly overenthusiastic about that concept, since it's a known risk to bring anyone back into that iconic household, from romantic interests to new friends to a hopeful mother seeking out another woman's womb. But what would be the fun in bringing Chalke back without getting her in the mix with all the other characters?

And as dumb as it was, I laughed heartily at Lecy Goranson's line reading about how her family members have all been meaning to try a pear. Of all the lines of dialogue in the doubled-up premiere that nutshell-reflected the Conner family with precision, this made the top three.

Speaking with Today, Lecy Goranson shared why, even though she was the one chosen to reprise the role of Becky, she wanted to also get Sarah Chalke back for the revival.

I wanted them to bring back both of us --- not as Becky. But I thought it would be fun for the fans to see us together. I mean there was that one episode where we did a Patty Duke thing together and dressed alike. But we didn't get a chance to be in the same place on the same stage, and it was really, really fun. I mean Sarah's a trip. She's good times. And we both have a lot of energy and we both like to laugh. It was a sheer delight working with her.

Viewers will get to see a lot more of that laughter-filled energy when Roseanne airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET. Check out how the show explained David and Mark's absences, as well as how David and Darlene are expected to reunite. To see what other new and returning shows are on the way, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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