The Classic Roseanne Scenes That Roseanne Barr Actually Peed Her Pants Filming

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Roseanne Barr and her fellow Roseanne co-stars shared a lot of laughs during the show's original run, and apparently, some laughs were more disastrously messy than others. Barr recalled recently that some of the classic sitcom's scenes were so funny, she literally peed her pants on set. The comedienne is typically able to hold it in, but she recalled two different times she sprang a leak during filming, and both situations involved Barr's television daughter Sara Gilbert. The co-stars co-shared the tale of how one of those accidents temporarily derailed filming.

Sara: I turned the corner and I'm fighting to get the phone first... and we crashed into each other. She fell on the floor and then we started laughing, and I think you might even have peed your pants.Roseanne: The wardrobe woman comes out and she goes, 'We don't have a second pair of pants.' So they had to go out and rinse the pants and dry 'em with a hairdryer, and we just had to wait for like an hour.

Roseanne Barr's pants-peeing debacle was so severe, it actually halted production of the episode. With no backup pants to give Barr, the best the cast could do was sit around and wait for whatever production assistants were tasked with scrubbing down and blowdrying Barr's pants to finish the scene with minimum urine to show for it. It's strange to consider that Roseanne was one of the most successful shows on TV for part of the 1980s and 1990s, but they only had one pair of pants on hand for the titular lead.

Wardrobe shortages aside, imagine arriving on set that day all ready to work and learning things are behind schedule because the star of the show peed her pants! That's surely an experience few people forgot, let alone Sara Gilbert, who set Barr up to share the story with Paley Fest attendees (via EW). Most celebrities might have been mortified to share that story with an audience, but then again, most celebrities are not Roseanne Barr.

In fact, Barr is the type of celebrity who doubles down on stories about peeing her pants, and she recalled another time when she lost bladder control while filming Roseanne. This incident happened while the cast was filming the Season 3 episode "Valentine's Day," during a scene that may have caused some viewers to also wet themselves in the comfort of their own living rooms. Barr lost all control yet again during the scene in which Darlene was attempting to get her mother out of the room and away from her new crush. Barr said the floodgates opened somewhere between witnessing Gilbert's head jerk and that Lassie line. Fans can actually see Barr cracking up in the episode's final cut. Check it out below, around the 2-minute mark:

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