Watch Khloe Kardashian Feed A Goat In The Weirdest Yoga Session Ever

The Kardashian family has gone viral for many reasons throughout the years, but this one is (probably) a first. Khloe Kardashian recently appeared on Kevin Hart's web series What The Fit, and the two attended a goat-enhanced yoga session that can presumably only be found in L.A.. Watch as Khloe and Kevin feed goats, while also engaging in stretching exercises alongside the beasts of burden in what might be the weirdest yoga class ever.

Khloe Kardashian deserves a lot of credit for this, as not ever image-conscious celebrity would go through something so animalistic while maintaining such a positive outlook about the experience. Case in point, Kevin Hart was complaining constantly about the goat yoga session, and What The Fit is his own show! One would imagine Hart would've been more prepared for the situation, considering he was likely involved in its planning, but he wasn't nearly as calm and collective as Kardashian, who (mostly) looked as though she's long dealt with goats on a daily basis, despite her reality shows not depicting things as such.

Khloe Kardashian definitely seemed to be the goat pro on What The Fit, but it needs to be said her experience was slightly more laid back than Kevin Hart's, since the comedian wasn't just making a joke when he said nobody else had goat poop chilling out right next to their yoga mat. He was speaking some smelly truth. But how would Kardashian have reacted had that goat decided to let loose next to her!? Probably not great, considering she dropped her own young goat quicker than some of her NBA relationships when it suddenly spit up on her:

Kevin Hart Khloe Kardashian Goats

Khloe Kardashian didn't escape the goat spittle (and possibly vomit), but she did manage to remain poop-free, later emerging from the goat yoga class looking like a champ. She even got to exit on a witty one-liner with her "Na-a-amaste" joke, which is truly one of the few situations in life where someone can make that joke and have it make sense. Kardashian's line was pretty good, but Kevin Hart got to deliver that killer Get Out joke just before leaving, probably just to remind everyone he's usually the funniest person in the room.

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