The Tonight Show Just Announced Its First-Ever Co-Host For Jimmy Fallon

Cardi B will co-host The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on April 9

(Image credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Jimmy Fallon is getting ready to change things up. He will welcome rapper Cardi B as his first-ever co-host for the April 9 episode of The Tonight Show. Instead of having to wait to welcome a celebrity until later in the show, Fallon will be able to spend time with one for the entire episode. In the past, he has had musical guests sit with the show's house band, The Roots, where they periodically interact with guests. Cardi B's co-hosting will be an entirely different thing, as she will be sitting right alongside Fallon throughout the episode.

Cardi B will arrive towards the beginning of the show to discuss her debut album, "Invasion of Privacy," before she and Jimmy Fallon start interviewing guests. She will also perform as the episode's musical guest. Cardi B is no stranger to The Tonight Show. She has been on the show twice before. The first time she performed as a musical guest, alongside G-Eazy. She was a sit-down guest for her second appearance, and that's when her famous interview on last year's December 20 episode was born.

Cardi B will co-host The Tonight Show, two days after the release of her album, so the record-setter should be in excellent spirits. Jimmy Fallon is an engaging host, whose lively energy works opposite most everyone. Musical guests are always a particularly great fit for him and therefore the show, fueling particularly memorable episodes. Given how popular his interview with Cardi B was last year and the terrific dynamic the two shared, the April 9 episode should be an exciting episode-long version of that.

Could Cardi B's episode as a co-host be the start of a new Tonight Show trend? If it is successful, Jimmy Fallon could bring a stable of musical or acting talent to co-host with him in the future. They would need to have a co-host-worthy personality so that would narrow down the field considerably. The guests for April 9's episode have not been revealed yet, but whoever they are, they are in for a fun time.

Co-hosting is a compelling late-night concept that has been popular, ever since the medium came into prominence. Late night legend Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon, and current late night host Conan O'Brien co-hosts alongside Andy Richter on TBS. Both shows performed well with the pairings as part of their DNA. Having celebrity co-hosts would be a different take on things, albeit a fresh one that could take late night to new highs. Fans will soon learn how a guest co-host works out for Jimmy Fallon, and the answer is likely to be very enjoyable. Cardi B will co-host The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Monday, April 9 starting at 11:35 ET on NBC. For more of what to watch in the coming weeks, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide.

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