Watch Jimmy Fallon Cuddle A Sloth On The Tonight Show

There's something about sloths that is so intriguing and plenty of celebrities are on board with the adorable creatures, including Kristen Bell, who notably cried over one. Recently, Steve Irwin's son Robert popped up on The Tonight Show to introduce Jimmy Fallon to some of those amazing creatures, and if you've ever wanted to see Jimmy Fallon wrap his arms around the cuddly, slow-moving creature, you can give the video a watch, below.

In the video, Robert Irwin brings in a slew of different animals, including an African Dwarf crocodile, a screaming armadillo, a red tail boa--which absolutely terrifies the usually good-natured Jimmy Fallon--and then the adorable sloths. If you came here looking for the sloths and want to skip the rest of the stuff, feel free to hop to the 6-minute mark, where a sloth hangs, carefree from a branch. Jimmy Fallon is introduced to a second sloth, and this time in a more intimate way, as Jimmy Fallon held the sloth.

Jimmy Fallon and Serenity make for a pretty cute couple, despite the fact that Fallon looks terrified when she first wraps herself around him. Honestly, if I were Falllon's wife, I might even be a little bit jealous watching him connect with the cute lady sloth, who luckily loves grapes more than she loves hanging on her new pal J. Fallon.

As for Robert Irwin himself, it's pretty cool to see the mini-me version of Steve Irwin on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talking about animals with passion (and a totally overuse of the word "great"). The young man is 13, now, and works with his sister Bindi Irwin and mom Terri at the family's 100-acre zoo. He actually seems pretty knowledgeable about the animals, and we would love to see him recur on NBC's late night series. If only Jimmy Fallon himself looked a little more comfortable with the idea.

The Tonight Show host does look a little nervous through the video, especially when there is a snake around, but hey, this is the first time he's had Robert Irwin on to talk crocs, snakes and more. I'm all for seeing how he would do during a second round with Robert Irwin's wild animals. You can catch new episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on weeknights on NBC. To see what else TV has coming up, take a look at our midseason premiere schedule. If you are just into sloths, you can learn some great information about sloths with this true facts video.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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