Watch Cardi B Thank Her Haters For Downloading Her Music

Cardi B wants to thank everyone, including her haters, for her recent success. During her acceptance speech for Best New Artist at the iHeartMusic Awards on Sunday night, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper made a point to celebrate everyone who got her up on that stage, including the haters who download her songs because "they still benefit" her, as she noted with one strong laugh. Check out the video, below to see Cardi B's acceptance speech.

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Cardi B doesn't hold anything back. As she noted in her speech, there were many people to thank for the 25-year-old's fame and good fortune. Those people included her publicist, her team, her family and her fans, of course, who still support her, even when she admits she's wrong. But Cardi B wasn't going to forget all her haters, either. As she noted later in her bubbling speech, even the people who hated her music downloaded her stuff in order to hate on it, which has helped to get her big. Unintentionally, they were the ones who also helped boost her profile and made her the celebrity she is today. So, there's that. Here's what she had to say about her haters, specifically, in her speech.

I want to thank my haters too, because they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it, but it benefits me! Ha ha ha!

It was shortly after this statement was rung that Cardi B dropped some big news: her album comes out in April. Those haters better be ready, because Cardi B isn't going anywhere anytime soon. She made that message loud and clear last night for everybody. Haters and fans alike better pay heed.

Beyond her recent music accolades, Cardi B was the source of some gossip and rumors lately. Three weeks ago, during Super Bowl weekend, there were rumors flying that the musician is pregnant with her first child. Cardi B denied earlier pregnancy claims by saying she was "just getting fat," but that didn't necessarily stop the rumors from chugging forward. They have promptly been dismissed, however, by her fiance/fellow musician Offset.

Additionally, Cardi B made a big impression last year when "Bodak Yellow" bumped Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" off the number one slot on the music charts. There are no hard feelings between the pop singer and the rapper, however, as Swift sent congratulatory flowers to Cardi B.

Cardi B is here, ladies and gentlemen, and she's not playing to go anywhere. She's in the big leagues now. Haters, you better plan accordingly. Because Cardi B's profile is only continuing to rise.

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