Mythbusters Is Getting A Spinoff, And Adam Savage Is Back

Adam Savage Tested YouTube

The original Mythbusters ended in 2016, and while the show has since rebooted with new hosts and ex-host Adam Savage has created his own YouTube channel, neither have quite matched the level of success the original series achieved. Now, the Science Channel will try to reach that bar yet again as they're bringing back Savage for a Mythbusters spinoff that will excite a lot of kids and their parents. The two are currently developing Mythbusters Jr. which will combine all the fun of the original series with the most brilliant young minds of America.

Mythbusters Jr. will take Adam Savage and pair him with six of the nation's brightest children for experiments that challenge their young minds and utilize their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) skills. Much like the original Mythbusters, the team will tackle some great myths and discover whether or not they're valid or invalid based on experimentation and science. EW reported that the Science Channel has picked up the new series for 10 episodes and expects it will make its debut sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Mythbusters Jr. will join the rebooted Mythbusters on the Science Channel, which is now hosted by Jon Lung and Brian Louden. Fans are undoubtedly excited to see Savage return to the Mythbusters family, although others may be slightly disappointed the new show will not be bringing back Savage's co-host Jamie Hyneman. Neither Savage or the Science Channel gave a reason behind Hyneman's absence, although it's publicly known Savage and Hyneman's relationship was strictly professional and the two weren't friends when the camera wasn't rolling. Hyneman was developing and giving interviews to promote a special type of electric shoe back in late 2017, so it's possible he rejected a return to Mythbusters Jr. due to other ventures he's currently involved in.

Mythbusters Jr. sounds like an awesome premise for a television series and a great way to get kids interested in science, but one has to wonder how closely it will be related to the original show. For example, is Savage going to be testing types of myths children who watch could recreate in the home, or will they be visiting the desert to blow things to smithereens? It's possible the series will do a little of both, and regardless of how it's executed, Mythbusters fans will surely tune in if only to see Savage busting myths all over again.

As mentioned before, Mythbusters Jr. will premiere on the Science Channel sometime in late 2018. For a list of other shows that will make their television debut before then, be sure to check out Cinema Blend's midseason premiere guide and summer premiere guide. For more on Mythbusters, check out the beef director James Cameron had with the program after they decided to take on his film Titanic.

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