The Disgusting Mythbusters Experiment Adam Savage Wishes He Could Do

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Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters tackled all kinds of crazy experiments during their time as hosts of the hit Discovery show, ranging from ways to survive the zombie apocalypse to whether or not both Jack and Rose could have survived in Titanic. The show came to an end in early 2016, which was unfortunately before Savage could try out a certain myth that would have been...well, pretty gross. Here's how he described the experiment he wishes he had done:

I've started tweeting myths I wish I could have gotten to. Under the hashtag #mythsiwouldstillliketotest. Like the roomba that went over someone's dog poop and covered THE WHOLE HOUSE WITH A POOPOCALYPSE. We would totally have tested which type of stool would yield the worst scenario. Also cat vomit.

It's a shame that Adam Savage has come up with an experiment that he'll never get to do on the show, but it sounds like the Mythbusters crew was spared a disgusting couple of days at work. I know I'd probably be questioning my career path if that happened to me. The idea of a "poopocalypse" is icky enough without throwing cat vomit into the mix.

Adam Savage revealed his poopocalypse dreams in a Reddit AMA. Grossness aside, it's actually a solid myth for the Mythbusters team to have tackled. The world was treated to a story of a Roomba poop disaster back in August when a family woke up to discover that their Roomba had tried to clean up a fresh mess left by their puppy in the middle of the night. The resulting mess was described as as the "Pooptastrophe" and the "poopening" in the father's rather vivid account on Facebook. The story went viral, and it has since been shared nearly 350,000 times. It's a scenario practically designed for Mythbusters shenanigans.

Of course, the poopocalypse isn't the only experiment that Adam Savage wishes he'd been able to tackle. He's described a few stunts that never got off the ground during the show's run, including turning an entire road into a bomb with liquid oxygen, a race car driving upside down through a tunnel, and swimming up to a duck dressed as a pumpkin and trying to capture it. Alas, none of these were meant to be. Who knows? Maybe Savage could pitch some of these experiments to his former co-stars' to try on their new Netflix show.

Mythbusters may be over, but Adam Savage has been keeping plenty busy. When he's not touring across the country or appearing at fan conventions, he's continuing building and testing for Tested. Although he hasn't covered any Roomba poop disasters on the website yet, anything can happen.

If you've been missing Mythbusters desperately since its series finale back in March, you can check out the Build Team's new Mythbusters-esque series when it debuts on Netflix on Friday, December 9. Be sure to take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what else you'll be able to watch in the near future.

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