Check Out The Flash's Most Ridiculous DC Comics Reference Yet

The Flash has Kevin Smith back behind (and in front of) the camera to direct the Season 4 episode "Null and Annoyed," and in addition to an appearance by the director and actor Jason Mewes, the episode might just have the most ridiculous reference to DC Comics yet. The brilliant moment was featured in the opening moments of a behind-the-scenes video for the episode, with the line being delivered by none other than Team Flash's resident jokester, Ralph Dibney:

The Elongated Man's joke wasn't a stretch, and if there isn't an improv group in our nation's capital called "D.C. Comics" right now, there surely will be sometime after theFlash episode airs. The joke is a clever way to sneak a reference to the comic book company right into the series, which always seems to be making subtle references to other heroes or things of that nature. One has to wonder, though: would the actual DC Comics have something to say if some superhero comedy ensemble in the Arrow-verse was trying to gain fame and fortune off of its good name? Does DC Comics exist within the world of The CW shows?

One would assume no, as DC Comics existing within the Arrow-verse would be just silly. As silly as that may be, however, there's evidence that it just might. For example, who created that Flash action figure Oliver picked up when he went to play with William in Arrow's Season 4 episode "Legends of Yesterday"? Sure, it's entirely possible some other fictional company is profiting off of the Arrow-verse heroes, but what about William and Felicity playing the DC superhero fighting game Injustice 2 in the Arrow Season 6 episode "Promises Kept"? Are we to believe the DC Comics logo is completely absent from the Arrow-verse version of the game?:

The Flash's reference does nothing in the way of letting fans definitively know whether DC Comics actually exists within the Arrow-verse, but it does allow for further speculation. Did Ralph mention the name "D.C. Comics," because its a comedy improv group and the reference to the comic book company is clever and a bit funny, or was he merely just suggesting a get-rich-quick scheme that also conveniently whisks them away from The Thinker's grasp? Cisco's dismissal and eye-roll could indicate either is true, so the show's writers really need to provide more references so fans can figure out for sure. Better yet, can there just be an entire meta episode dedicated to the comic book company?

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