Kevin Smith's First Look At Jay Mewes On The Flash Comes With A Heartwarming Story

The Flash recently got to spend some time with one comic book fixture during Barry’s dimension-crossing trip to Supergirl, and the Scarlet Speedster recently mixed it up with comic writer and enthusiast Kevin Smith, who directed an upcoming episode. As previously teased, Smith’s longtime cohort Jay Mewes will be making a cameo in the episode, and the filmmaker shared a first look at Mewes on the set, complete with one of the most heartwarmingly nerdy stories imaginable. Check it out!

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First, let’s talk about how Jason Mewes will fit into Episode 21 of the CW superhero hit , because he’ll apparently have TWO parts to play. Not that we really know who either of them are. Kevin Smith says in the post that one half of Mewes’ cameo will involve some scripted lines, and that the other will be as a non-speaking villain. Judging from the image, it’s pretty likely this dude has something to do with Zoom, or perhaps another bad guy who loves studded chest straps. As far as the speaking part goes, I’m hoping Mewes is playing a guy who has to retrieve the ball that Barry and Cisco are using in their hockey game on the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Perhaps more interesting than the image, though, is the story that Smith tells in the Instagram post about how flabbergasted the comic-loving Mewes was to get a chance to make this appearance (as well as to scope out the sets of Arrow nearby).

And even though he had no lines as the Meta and is unrecognizable, THIS was the role that reduced him to tears. I've seen Jay Mewes cry twice in my life: one time it was about the birth of his only begotten daughter, the other time was after he wrapped his super villain bit on The Flash. Jay gave me a huge hug and said ‘You made my dream come true, Moves.’

That’s pretty spectacular. Hollywood, and entertainment in general, is full of people who come across as taking their success and opportunities for granted. But Jason Mewes, a guy who probably never expected to be a cinematic icon (of sorts), is obviously still humble enough to know how privileged he is to get chances like this. Kevin Smith went deeper into how Mewes’ love of comics allows him to partake without being judgmental, and how he repaid Smith for the cameo by taking him to see Batman v Superman, where the duo shared a total fanboy moment that should bring a smile to even the most vigilant critic of Zack Snyder’s flick.

Now the pressure is on for The CW and CBS to work it out to allow all of the DC shows can crossover with one another, so that we can watch Jay Mewes getting high with young Martin Stein and making up songs with Supergirl’s Jeremy “Winn” Jordan. “Schmoking weed, schmoking hash, wearing costumes, fighting Flash. Who fights the Flash? We fight the Flash.”

Though we won’t see Jason Mewes on The Flash until May 10, you can catch a new episode next Tuesday night on The CW.

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